Build a Chiseled Chest with These Powerful Pec Exercises

Bulging, well-shaped pecs are one of the top areas that bodybuilders like to focus on. A chiseled chest can be obtained fairly quickly as long as you dedicate time to the pec exercises that get results.

the best exercises to build powerful pecs in a short amount of time

Flat Bench Press

This is always the go-to exercise for shaping up the pecs and is probably the best known. Pressing from this position can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells and should be part of your weightlifting routine.

Although lifting from a flat bench is effective and is a foundational exercise for building pecs, it is also inadequate. You must utilize other exercises that target the chest muscles from various angles in order to develop that chiseled chest that you see on the big guys.

Inclined Bench Press

By pressing from an inclined position, you effectively develop the higher portion of the chest which doesn’t get worked out on the flat bench exercise. You want to press from an incline of 30 or 40 degrees.

You can use either a barbell or dumbbells for the inclined bench press and, actually, you should do both. Pressing dumbbells strengthens the stabilizing muscles that are used to better control greater weights. By developing the stabilizer muscles of the chest, you will be able to press more weight and develop the larger muscle groups faster.

Dumbbell Pullovers

Pullovers give you a wider chest and are great foundational exercises because of this. A wider chest and stronger muscles surrounding the rib cage will allow you to develop a larger, more powerful chest.

To perform dumbbell pullovers, lay on your back on a weight bench with your head positioned at the foot end (without the support bars). Place a dumbbell on the floor and reach your arms over your head and grasp the dumbbell. Slowly lift the dumbbell up and over your head until your arms are vertical with your body. Slowly lower back over your head and to the floor and repeat.


Dips are another good exercise for effectively building chest mass quickly. They will also strengthen your shoulders and build your triceps.

Start by holding your body up with straightened arms on a set of dip bars. Lift your legs and cross your feet so you’re not tempted to use swinging for momentum. You want to use all chest and arms. Lower yourself down, tilting your body forward as you do. The forward position places more of a workout on your chest muscles and less on your arms. Lower yourself as far down as you can and lift yourself back up and repeat.



There are many other exercises which help to develop your chest muscles. However, these are the most effective at building a powerful chest fast and should be your foundational chest exercises. Others can then be added as you develop your chest which will help to round out your chiseled pecs even further.

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