The Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Protein is not the only thing to consider when it comes to muscle growth and recovery. Fresh fruits and vegetables are just as vital to your strength training as the amount of protein that you consume each day. If you do not have enough of these foods in your daily diet then all of the workout efforts possible will not give you the results that you want. The best way to get the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your muscle tissues need in order to grow and recover is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They are very rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants while being low in calories and fat, and they provide much needed fiber as well.

Vitamin Supplements are Not Sufficient

Taking a multivitamin every day is not what it takes to get the best possible results for your workout efforts. These products do not contain many of the phytonutrients or fiber that food does, and the absorption rate is also decreased when the vitamins and minerals are provided in supplement form rather than natural foods. Fresh foods also contain crucial enzymes that your muscle tissues need to recover and increase in size and strength.

Increased Enzyme Levels

Higher levels of beneficial enzymes are found when sufficient fruits and vegetables are included in the diet. These enzymes play important roles in the muscle repair, recovery, and growth processes. If you do not include enough fresh fruits and vegetables in various hues each day then you could be lacking certain enzymes that are needed and your workout results could suffer because of these deficiencies.

Less Digestive Stress

Fruits and vegetables in their natural state are much easier on the digestive system than meat and many other foods are. This can mean no bloating, gas, cramping, or other uncomfortable symptoms that could interfere with your workout. Without digestive stress your body can focus on building muscle and making repairs instead.

Rich in Antioxidants

Natural fruits and vegetables at their peak of freshness are full of antioxidants. These compounds stop free radical damage that occurs because of oxidative stress from working out. These compounds can only be found in these foods and not in most supplements.

Excellent Fiber Source

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide a considerable amount of fiber in the diet, eliminating toxins in the body, removing fat deposits, and regulating digestive system activity. All of these will be benefits for any fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder.

Better Muscle Contraction

Muscle contractions are critical for muscle growth, and without the right combinations and amounts of vitamins and minerals your muscles can not contract efficiently. These contractions are what causes muscle growth and makes recovery necessary. If they are not efficient and effective then your muscle tissues can not recover no matter how long you rest in between workout sessions.

Better Red Blood Cell Production

Red blood cells carry oxygen to all of the tissues and cells in the body. Adequate amounts of oxygen are required for muscle recovery and growth, and your body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to create red blood cells. Without enough fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, your body can not produce enough red blood cells and will limit the amount of oxygen transported throughout the body.

Control Inflammation in the Body

Inflammation can cause pain, difficulty moving, swelling, and other problems after a workout. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet can help control and minimize the inflammation that develops.Antioxidants and phytonutrients found in these foods help to eliminate the inflammatory response in the body.

Mediate the Cortisol Response

Cortisol is a hormone that is released by the body when experiencing stress, and is often blamed for poor health and poor physical fitness, especially fat retention in the abdomen and other areas. Vitamins and minerals as well as other natural compounds found in fresh fruits and vegetables will eliminate the cortisol response in the body and promote better muscle tissue growth and faster recovery.

Slow Down Aging

The biggest secret of youth is including a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. The nutrients found in these foods will help fight the aging process and keep all of your tissues younger, more flexible, and with the ability to recover faster and more effectively.




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