Arian Foster Releases iPhone App to Help Young Athletes

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, who led the league in rushing yards during the 2010 season, has teamed up with Muscle Prodigy LLC, one of the leading brands in health and fitness, to release “Fosters Fitness.” The iPhone application focuses on unique training and nutritional principles for young athletes, specifically high school football players.

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“Living in Texas, I see how important football is, not only from a fan’s perspective, but also from an athlete’s perspective. All across America, and especially in Texas, high school football is the cultural center of many small towns. I wanted to fill this niche and offer something that directly targets young football players, making them better athletes and better individuals,” said Foster.

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The application offers over 80 instructional videos, in which Foster demonstrates exercises to do both on the football field and in the gym. Users can watch the instructional videos, compile workout routines of the listed exercises, add new exercises, and create personal workout logs to track their progress.

Furthermore, users receive an additional feature—a meal-plan generator. The meal-plan generator suggests healthy menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Six meals are sent out in three-hour intervals, starting 30 minutes after the user sets his wakeup time. By simply turning on the feature, users receive notifications at specified times that offer nutritious food suggestions.

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“Race Arian,” another feature of the app, allows users to compare their 40 and 100 yard dash times with the Houston running back by pressing the start button when they take off. The application will track the runner’s speed and then provide a comparative result with that of Foster’s time. Users also have the ability to directly connect with Foster through his Twitter and get live sports updates, along with other features.

The filming of the exercise videos featuring Foster took place at Huffman High School and Hanks Gym, which are both in the Houston area.

“While we were conducting the football specific workouts at Huffman High School, I could feel the passion that high school football brings to this small town. There are so many kids with dreams of playing college ball and making it to the NFL. I want to help teens by shedding some light on the exercises and principles that helped me become an elite athlete,” said Foster.
“Foster’s Fitness” is now available for download in the iTunes App Store. Get your fitness on..the Arian Foster way!

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