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Arian Foster, superstar football running back and 2010 League Leading Rushing Champion, has just teamed up with Muscle Prodigy LLC to launch a new fitness application that does everything from workouts to diets and everything in between. Ever wondered what it would be like to train like an NFL pro? Well Arian Foster now offers his exclusive training and diet secrets for football players, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike in his new iPhone app: Foster’s Fitness.

Arian Foster’s very own training and diet advice is for all fitness and athletic skill levels. Within the app, you can find out how Foster uses his strength and explosive power to excel on the football field and become one of the world’s greatest athletes. Succeeding in football is all about the preparation you put in beforehand. That means that you must workout vigorously to stimulate your body for muscular growth and explosiveness and provide yourself with the proper nourishment tso your body can repair and grow back stronger. Not sure what to do in the gym and what to eat in the kitchen? Well, Arian Foster is here to help you so you can train alongside this elite athlete.

The official Arian Foster Fitness app includes: High quality instructional workout images, videos, muscle generators, and detailed instructions demonstrated by Arian Foster. Also, this app provides you with the opportunity to race Arian Foster and compare your training statistics against his. However, what separates this apop from every other one ont he market is the application’s ingenuity to send daily meal plans directly to your phone in 3 hour intervals so you can stay on track in keeping your waistline in check.

There are millions of combinations of meal plans and exercise routines generated through Foster’s Fitness and you can even create your own your favorite exercises and save personalized workout routines so you can track your progress. Furthermore, you will have the ability to connect and talk directly with Arian Foster.

Get some of the best fitness advice from a world class athlete and learn how to train like a professional!

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