Arginine for Great Workout Pumps and Improved Sexual Performance

L-Arginine, or simply Arginine, is an amino acid that triggers the body to produce protein and Nitric Oxide (NO). NO relaxes the smooth tissue walls of blood vessels allowing for greater blood flow and increased blood circulation. Therefore, NO is responsible for a variety of health benefits such as maintaining vascular tone and regulating blood pressure.

For those active in high intensity exercise programs, a rich Arginine diet and Arginine supplements provide exercise related benefits. Because Arginine produces Nitric Oxide which expands blood cells, more oxygen and nutrient rich blood can flow to muscles for more explosive workouts and better muscle recovery and development.

Another Powerful Benefit of Arginine

Besides being good for circulation and bodybuilding pumps, Arginine is also responsible for a better sex life. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is experienced by 30 million men in the United States. The main cause of ED is poor circulation to the penis.

An erection occurs when the blood vessels and cavity of the penis are filled with blood, thus expanding the penis fibers to a sufficient capacity of size and hardness for performing sex. When blood circulation is hindered or halted, you fail to achieve an adequate erection for the initiation or completion of a sexual act.

Because of Arginine’s effect on relaxing blood vessels, more blood can flow to the penis and more normal erections can be achieved. The enzyme Nitric Oxide, which is produced by Arginine, is responsible for controlling the chemical reaction necessary for proper blood circulation not only in all the body, but particularly in and around the penis for a healthy sex life. Taking an L-Arginine supplement can greatly improve sexual encounters of men.

Arginine for Women

Although the effects of Arginine in men are much more visible, it also plays an equally stimulating role in the sexual performance of women. Women reach orgasm through the stimulation of their vaginal tissue and clitoris. If blood flow is hampered to these areas then stimulation is weakened.

However, when a woman increases her Arginine intake, blood flow is increased the same as within a man and more blood is directed to her sexual areas, increasing sensitivity. A heightened sexual sensitivity produces more rapid, fulfilling and explosive orgasms.

A study of 77 women ranging in age revealed that almost 74% experienced greater satisfaction sexually after four weeks of taking an L-Arginine supplement. This included heightened sexual desire, greater sensation in the clitoris, less vaginal dryness and greater frequency of both orgasm and intercourse.

Arginine and Prostate Cancer Recovery

L-Arginine is often used both during prostate cancer treatment and once the disease has been brought under control. During treatment, Argentine supplementation is sometimes used to offset the effects of chemotherapy. Because Argentine increases blood flow, inflammation caused by chemo treatments can be reduced.

During prostate cancer recovery, increased blood to the affected area is also beneficial to the healing process. L-Arginine has also been found to increase white blood cell counts. White blood cells are used by the body to fight off infections and other harmful invaders.

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