Alcohol Drinking Tips to Fight Hangover

If you plan on drinking alcohol, use these 5 drinking tips so you can fight that terrible hangover!


1) Avoid sugary mixers and energy drinks- Many mixers, or “chasers”, contain high fructose corn syrup, which can be just as hard for your body to process as the alcohol itself. It’s very hard for the liver to metabolize a lot of the sugar and alcohol at the same time. Also, these mixers pack on added calories. Instead, mix your booze with water, diet drinks, or fresh fruit juice. Also, stay away from energy drinks. Not only do energy drinks contain sugar, but a lot of stimulants like caffeine, ginseng, and taurine. Alcohol is a depressant. By mixing the two, you’re sending mixed messages to your nervous system, which can cause cardiac related problems. In addition, caffeine offsets the sedating effect of alcohol, making your brain think you’re less drunk than your body feels. You may drink more and more without realizing how drunk you are. This is very dangerous. Don’t do it.

2) Stick with lighter alcohol- Darker drinks have higher concentration of congeners, byproducts of fermentation in some alcohol, which amplify hangovers. Replace that brandy, whisky, or red wine with the clearer drinks like vodka, gin, or white wine. The clearer drinks are also typically lower in calories.

3) Don’t mix different alcohols- It’s hard on your stomach and your head. It’s also very dangerous. People who drink different types of alcohol are more likely to drink more, which will influence intoxication and sickness. Also, some alcohols may have different effects on you so you shouldn’t mix.

4) Eat before you drink- A little bit of starch or dairy goes a long way in coating your stomach lining and preparing your body for alcohol.

5) Drink water- Drink water at all times of the day. Before, during, and after you drink is necessary. Alcohol will make you very dehydrated, which is one of the biggest results of a hangover. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and feeling better. Make sure you not only drink plenty of water before and after you drink alcohol, but also during. For every drink you have, drink a full cup of water. You may have to pee more than usual and it may be rather inconvenient to sip on water throughout the night, but you’ll thank me later.


And most importantly….BE SAFE! Alcohol use is NEVER encouraged and can have a tremendous toll on your physical health and mental well-being. If you do drink, do so in moderation and NEVER drink and drive!

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