6 Best Trap Exercises Besides Shrugs

If you want massive traps that look like small ski slopes then one of the most commonly recommended and best exercises are shrugs. Your workout does not need to be limited to this one routine because there are many other excellent trap exercises to get ripped and build muscle.

Upright rows, chin ups, pull ups, deadlifts, barbell rows, and T bar rows are all ideal and some of the best ways for targeting the traps and building incredible size fairly quickly.

Many lifters only use shrugs when they hit the gym and this can be a mistake. In addition to making any routine boring and predictable, only performing one or two different exercises for your traps could cause muscle growth to plateau.

Here are some of the best trap exercises:

1. Upright Rows

The upright row is one of the best exercises to include in your workout if you want bigger traps. The traps are contracting and targeted during the exercise so that this muscle group is extremely involved. The result is muscle growth and development in the traps area as long as a proper diet is also followed to allow maximum muscle growth. Make sure that you have a secure grip on the bar for this exercise.

2. Chin Ups

Chin ups are an exercise that may not be used specifically for the traps in many cases but this choice can help target your lower traps and help them develop incredible size over time. Placing weights on the ankles can make the chin up more difficult and increase the intensity of the repetitions by increasing the weight that your traps must lift.

3. Pull Ups

Pull ups also focus on the trap muscles and can help you gain massive size and better development in this group. This exercise will help you get better muscle growth in the lower traps and place the focus on this area of the body. Added weights can be used if you want to increase the difficulty level of this choice and see even more size.

4. Deadlifts

Many bodybuilders and weightlifters do not understand the incredible trap benefits that deadlifts can offer. Using this routine only to gain strength is a big mistake because the right routine should include deadlifts for numerous benefits, including the impressive traps that you want. A number of physical fitness professionals and experts in strength training call deadlifts the best possible exercises if you want huge traps that get noticed right away.

5. Barbell Rows

Barbell rows can be very effective at strengthening and building all of the upper back muscles including the traps. This is only true if you use the proper form and follow the right technique though. Failing to do this could leave you injured and unable to perform even light strength training while you are recovering and that could set you back in your physical fitness and size goals.

6. T Bar Rows

The T bar row uses a bar that only has plates on one side of it so the weight is unevenly situated. This exercise has been around for a long time and was started before many of the modern machines were designed. T bar rows are extremely effective at focusing on the traps and encouraging muscle growth faster than many other routines.

Are Shrugs Needed At All?

Shrugs can be a very useful tool in your lifting toolbox if you are trying to bulk up your traps and see visible results. Even if you use the exercises listed above shrugs can still be part of a highly effective workout that maximizes your traps and gives you the results that you want. Shrugs will affect the entire shoulder girdle and can provide an intense workout to the traps. They can be a valuable part of any workout but they should not be the only trap routine that you use each week.






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