5 Indoor Cardio Workouts to Maintain Winter Fitness

In order to stay in tip-top shape, it’s recommended to participate in cardiovascular exercise from between three to five times a week. This isn’t usually too difficult to achieve in the warm, summer months when activities abound. However, it can be much harder to keep the heart fit during winter months when it’s cold and nasty outside.

There are some good indoor exercises which are excellent for keeping the heart pumping and the muscles working during the winter. Of course, your local gym offers various cardio exercises which you can take advantage of. However, the five cardio workouts listed are other indoor activities which will not only give you a good cardiovascular workout, but also give you a break from the monotony of gym machines.

1. Running

Jogging and running are great ways to keep healthy and are often considered outdoor activities. However, many places offer indoor tracks which can be utilized during the winter months to keep your running program uninterrupted.

If you can continue running during the dreary months of winter, it’s all the better. An hour of brisk running will burn 1,000 calories or more and that amount can be increased significantly if you add high-speed bursts into the mix.

2. Aerobic Kickboxing

If you really want to have fun while getting a great cardio workout, join an aerobic kickboxing class. This intense exercise will have you jumping, punching and kicking your way to maximum fitness.

Cardio kickboxing gobbles up approximately 450 calories in 50 minutes of activity due to its fast paced moves. Not only do you get great physical and cardiovascular benefits from aerobic kickboxing, but it will help to relieve a lot of stress and depression brought on by the winter blues.

3. Swimming

If you have access to a heated indoor pool then you can maintain fitness easily in the winter. Swimming is an excellent exercise to include in a workout program because it provides good resistance, works out a variety of muscles and develops a greater range of motion. Propelling through the water is also quite soothing, both physically and mentally.

Some places offer water aerobics classes which provide a nice break from more routine exercises. The plus side of such classes is that you benefit from the social aspect as well.

4. Racquetball

Racquetball is a lot of fun as well as providing an intense workout. The constant back and forth, side to side motions made while placing shots and maintaining lengthy volleys really get the heart pounding and muscles working.

Of course, you need a partner in order to make racquetball fun and challenging. If you take along a partner who is evenly matched in racquetball skills as you are then you can maximize your workout potential. Racquetball is a great winter game to share with a good friend.

5. Jumping Rope

Another good winter cardio activity is jumping rope. This cardio exercise can be done just about anywhere which makes it a convenient winter exercise to do while at the gym, at home, or on vacation. Plus, there are various jump rope techniques which allow you to change things up a bit to break the monotony.

Rope jumping is a wonderful exercise for burning calories. An hour of constantly jumping rope will devour anywhere from 700 to over 1,000 calories depending on how vigorous your jump rope routine is and what techniques you use.


There you have it! Five fun indoor winter exercises to keep your heart healthy and your body fit through the drab winter months. You can participate in one of these cardio workouts several times a week, or mix a few indoor exercises together into an enjoyable winter workout program.

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