5 Essential Steps To Losing Belly Fat

Sick of that extra body fat?


Until you are so mad at yourself that you have packed on those extra few pounds, you won’t have the motivation to lose weight and get in even better shape.

In this article I am going to describe what I believe are the 5 most essential steps to losing belly fat, and keeping it off.

1. Cleaning

Not cleaning your house as such, but cleaning up your old habits. Often we have to live with people who are not interested whatsoever in our goals, but to achieve the best results you must get rid of temptation.

This means cleaning out all of your stores of fatty junk and highly processed sugary foods such as, but not limited to:

  • White bread and other baked goods
  • Biscuits, cookies and fudges
  • Chocolates and lollies
  • Soda and juices (most juices are just as high in sugar as soda)
  • Pies, sausage rolls, pizza and other convenient snacks you probably know are bad for you.

2. Shopping

Only buying the absolute best foods for six pack abs and fat loss will do if you are wanting to achieve your goal in the minimum time. The more often you snack on the sort of junk described above, the longer it will take to achieve your goals.

When shopping, make this a sample shopping list and for the sake of your future attractiveness, eat before you do go shop!

  • Lean meats such as chicken and turkey
  • Eggs – free range
  • Brown rice
  • Fish
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables (preferably not frozen but frozen is better than canned).
  • Oats
  • Milk

3. Plan

In theory this should be step one, but after you have thrown out all your junk food and brought a whole lot of healthy stuff, you are kind of already stuck into it – so now you will make your plan.

Do you want to just lose some body fat?

Not good enough.

Set a definite goal such as 10 lbs. Even 1lb.

Next, set a time frame.

So your goal will look like this: I, Mr Current Pot Belly will have lost 15 lb by 14th March 2020, which is 6 weeks away.

That way you can say at the end of the time frame, either yes or no to the goal, and if it is yes you can make a new goal, if it is no, you can try again with a bit more effort and better planning.

4. Routine

We are all creatures of habit, I can’t remember where I heard it but I remember the saying “95% of what you do today, you did yesterday”.

This is why some people end up amazing musicians, talented salespeople, big businessmen or people with drop dead sexy bodies – they do the same things day in and day out because they know that routine is what achieves a goal.

If you have the habit of eating poorly and exercising once a day which is running around after your naughty kids, chances are you will not be on the cover of GQ magazine.

Remember that every single day you will most likely do the same tomorrow, and after you do the same things for a few days solidly, you will start to feel yourself getting better.

It feels so good to work on a challenge and you will amaze yourself how it gets easier – the start is the hardest part.

Think about how awkward it is going up to a pretty girl (or guy) and how hard those first words are.

Then once you discover they aren’t going to reduce you to ashes with their fire breath, it gets easier and natural and you end up having a great time.

So it will be when trying to cut a bit of belly fat and get on your crusade to a lean, sexy Hollywood style body.

5. Action

This is where you test your wings baby!

No matter what you currently look like, if you resemble Jared from Subway or if you look like a pregnant lamp post, taking action is the only way to your goal. If you miss this step (which 95% of people seem to), then all of your research, information and time will be wasted.

Don’t be that guy at the party who says “Yeah! I used to lift weights and workout, you should have seen how I used to look!”.

That just makes you look like an idiot.

Get Excited About Fitness. Get Moving on Your Goals.

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