4th Grade Girl Is Record Powerlifter

Exercise is open to anyone of any age. No matter how old or how young you are, you can get in to fitness.

That’s exactly what fourth grader Damiyah Smith is doing. The role model started lifting when she was four years old and is now breaking records just a few years after beginning strength training. Following in the footsteps of her parents who lift themselves and coach her four times each week, Damiyah recently participated in the Junior Olympics where she earned her way to the top, breaking records in the three events she was in for her age. In fact, her closest competitor was 40 pounds behind her.

Damiyah squatted at 100 pounds, benched 65 pounds, and deadlifted 135 pounds. At nine years old.

The fourth grader is learning discipline and self-confidence through the sport, thanks to the added encouragement from her parents.

Damiyah will participate in the AAU World Championships in Las Vegas and hopes to become a professional powerlifter one day.

Check out the video:


MP’s Take: This is amazing. It is so great to see children have a passion for exercise and fitness at such a young age, especially when recreation programs are being cut from the school systems and when childhood obesity rates are at a all-time high. Damiyah serves as an inspiration not only for her peers but also for everyone catching this news story that is going viral, further empowering a new generation of fitness lovers. The only concern I have is that since she is so young and is at an age of rapid biological growth, she is more prone to injury that can hurt her down the road. However, her parents are aware of this and are proceeding with her workouts very safely and only when her body is ready. If you have a young one interested in working out, just be very careful to not have them overdo or overexert.

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