4 Point Pre-Workout Strategy that Will Help You Get Ripped

Many bodybuilders focus on their post-workout nutritional plan, especially those just beginning or fairly new to the sport. They focus on what nutrients they need for their muscles after a vigorous weight training session.

Post-workout nutrition is definitely important, but giving your body what it needs to perform that vigorous workout in the first place is just as important. Long-term muscle-building goals can only be accomplished with a proper pre-workout plan and here’s why.

If you don’t fill your body with proper nutrients before you hit the gym then you will be driving a car that is out of gas. You will soon feel sluggish due to depleted glycogen levels. Once glycogen is used up, the body will immediately turn to muscle fibers for its energy source which is anti-productive to muscle mass gains.

Also, you will not be able to perform to your peak ability due to the depletion in your pre-workout energy reserves. Without adequate energy your workout strength and intensity will fall short of maximum potential. This prevents you from pushing muscle fibers to a point where they effectively tear down. If they aren’t torn down then they won’t be able to build back up with more mass.

The importance of a nutritious pre-workout strategy is essential to get the most from your weight training program. Try the following 4-point pre-workout strategy and see if you don’t get ripped much faster.

Pre-Workout Meal

Before a teeth-grinding and muscle ripping workout, you need to fill your tank with fuel that will provide you with optimum performance. The best food source for such long lasting energy is carbohydrates that digest at a slow to moderate level. Such carbs will provide the energy reserves necessary to carry you through a tough workout and keep your body from devouring precious muscle fuel.

You should eat a carbohydrate meal 1 to 2 hours before your exercise program. If you consume it too near your workout, your stomach won’t have time to sufficiently digested the carbs which will result in blood staying in your stomach instead flowing to your muscles. Some good carb sources to include are brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal and Ezekiel bread.

Add a Dose of Protein

Every bodybuilder should know the importance of protein since it is the foundational nutrient for building strong muscle mass. Protein is full of amino acids which create a necessary balance of nitrogen that the body uses to transform protein into new muscle fiber.

While preparing your pre-workout meal of carbohydrates, cook up some turkey, chicken, egg whites, or gulp down a glass of skim milk. You can also get the necessary protein for your bodybuilding program by drinking a whey protein shake with your carb meal.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Drink a shake made of high quality dietary supplements approximately 30 to 40 minutes before working out. Determining which brand of supplements to use can be difficult with so many available in the market today. However, you want one that contains supplements that absorb into the bloodstream rapidly and at a high volume so that you benefit from the results during your workout program.

Eat Fruit Pre-Workout

About 30 minutes before bodybuilding workouts, consume a piece of fruit. Fruit contains carbs which digest quickly and, therefore, give you a shot of quick energy to get you started. So, before you leave for the gym, grab a banana, orange or apple to eat on the way.

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