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Home Sport-Specific The Sports Column Wimbledon Longest Tennis Match In History Isner Vs. Mahut Highlights

Wimbledon Longest Tennis Match In History Isner Vs. Mahut Highlights

Wimbledon Longest Tennis Match In History Isner Vs. Mahut Highlights

Wimbledon Longest Tennis Match In History Isner Vs. Mahut Highlights: This longest professional tennis match in the history took place at Wimbledon and was an absolutely epic battle where two physical specimens battled for upward of 10 hours. Isner and Mahut played until they were knotted up at 59-59 in the 5th set when play was suspended until the next morning because of darkness. That's 118 games in the 5th set. NOT POINTS. GAMES. That means in each of the 59 games that both Isner and Mahut each won, they had to get 15, 30, 40, and game points. So, at the minimum 118 x 4= 472 points needed to be played in the 5th set. Sit back and put that in perspective for a second. That's more games than all 5 previous sets played in one set. That's more points played than previous 5 sets. They shattered every record. YOU WILL NEVER SEE THIS TYPE OF PERFORMANCE EVER AGAIN IN YOUR LIVES! All one person needed to do was win 2 games more than the other person in 118 tries and it couldn't be done. All they needed to do was win 2 in a row or worst case 3 in a row (if they were down by one) and the other opponent wouldn't let them.  They had that deep relentless fire within them to succeed.

Andy Roddick posted a great tweet on twitter "seriously doesn't anyone have to pee?" and he's right. THEY PLAYED FOR 10+ HOURS! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE EFFORT AND HATS OFF TO BOTH OF THE WARRIORS THAT WE SAW ON THE COURT TODAY! neither one deserves to lose and I seriously hope that these guys are not too exhausted to remain competitive for the rest of the wimbledon because they deserve all of the accolades and recognition coming to them for this outstanding performance. This is an epic match put on by both Isner and Mahut. These points were not played with lethargic play. Each game was played with vigor and a certain mortal fortitude that portrayed relentlessness on both ends. Each one was ruthless in the sense that they did not want to lose this match as displayed by the score. Mahut was ranked 146th in the world, going against the top 20 Isner, and put up one of the best fights we have seen in our lives. Folks, this kind of display will never be matched for the next 50 years. Take in the moment, relish it, and make sure you watch the continuation and ending of the match tomorrow.

My prediction: Isner wins 2 in a row to win 61-59. 

Even if that does happen though, what went on during this historic night should never be forgotten. They each had that deep relentless fire within them to succeed and that's what we want out of you people. As advocates of this type of play and heart, we want you to become Muscle Prodigies, the way Isner and Mahut have proved themselves worthy of. They played with so much heart and vigor and had a ruthless attitude that screamed "I will not back down. I will not lose." take note of this type of play. Not only can you learn from them in a sports context, but in terms of education, business, and life. Whether its a company you're running or the family you love, show the utmost desire to be the best person you can be and one who will never quit- never relinquish to any setback. You may lose a point here and there in life and you may be knocked to your knees, but it aint over til its over. DONT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! Dont let anyone knock you out for the count. Isner and Mahut lead by example tonight. Although there's was in a professional tennis match, this attitude can be translated into every facet of life. So, heed their advice and play your freakin' heart out.

This is the video posted by ESPN for the Wimbledon Longest Tennis Match In History Isner Vs. Mahut Highlights:

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