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Home Nutrition Nutritional Advice Q & A Will I Still Build Muscle Burn Fat Eating 3 Meals a Day?

Will I Still Build Muscle Burn Fat Eating 3 Meals a Day?

Will I Still Build Muscle Burn Fat Eating 3 Meals a Day?


Scott asks: 

Hey Jaret, I'm highly considering buying your MP45 program after I reading all the good things people say about it. Before I get it though, I just have a question about it. On the website it says the biggest thing to see results is to make sure you eat right and at the right times. I'm in high school for 8 hours a day and we're not allowed to have food in classrooms. So I was wondering if I'll still see the amazing results people talk about if I'm not able to eat every few hours?


Jaret answers: 


Hey Scott,

So glad you reached out. Nutrition is a vital role to how ripped you want to get. Training is a major part of it, but the fact of the matter is that you are only spending around 4% of your time during the week in the gym. So, the other 96% of your time actually plays more of a role in everything, namely your nutrition, and your hormonal environment.

I stress the importance of meal frequency, because eating frequently controls blood sugar levels, especially your sensitivity to insulin, and it also curbs appetite so you don't have cravings when you've gone so long without eating to binge on the wrong types of foods. Often times, when people eat only a few meals a day, they gorge on the wrong types of foods during those meals since they go so long without eating that they overextend their calorie allotment for the day. Calorie partitioning through frequent meals is far better than overeating in a few meals. However, that doesn't mean you will not see results by eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and working out properly.

So will you still see results by going through the entire school day without eating?? you can bet your life on it you will, because you will learn the proper foods to eat when you can eat and the proper way to train to not only stimulate muscle for growth, but increase your testosterone, natural hgh levels, and prime your body to burn off body fat throughout the entire day even when not training by increasing the afterburn EPOC effect. However, it is all about your goals. If you want to look like a fitness model, then it is best to eat very frequently- for instance every 2 and a half hours with the right types of foods. I provide every bit of information to get you looking your absolute best. However, what you can fit into your daily routine is entirely up to you. It's all in far you want to take it. If you want to maximize the effects, I would recommend keeping some snacks in your locker to munch on in between classes since you can't eat in class- something like an apple and a some raw almonds. These are quick and easy to take down in 5 minutes during the day. Best of luck to you and I hope you choose to get the program. 

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