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Why You Should Work Out With Intensity

Why You Should Work Out With Intensity


How do you get a jacked physique?

Volume training does not work. Yes, it may for a little while because anyone beginning to incorporate resistance training is taxing their muscles for the first time and they will respond. But soon the progress slows and then basically stops. Without the use of performance enhancement drugs, which I do not condone (I am into this for health and longevity) working a muscle to failure and resting is the only way.

The well-known "all or nothing" principle of muscular-fiber function states that individual muscle-fibers perform work by contracting, by reducing their length – and that they are incapable of performing various degrees of work; that is to say, they are either working as hard as possible, or not at all. When a light movement is performed, it does not involve a slight effort on the part of a large number of muscular fibers; instead, only the exact number of fibers that are required to perform that particular movement will be involved at all – and they will be working to the limit of their momentary ability. The other, nonworking fibers may get pushed, pulled, or moved about by the movement – but they will contribute absolutely nothing to the work being performed. This is why cardio exercise does not build muscle. Muscle increases your metabolic process and burns fat. If you want to lose fat, and keep it off, you have to develop muscle.

So it becomes clear to all of us who wish to develop our muscles, for what ever purpose, in order to involve all of the muscle fibers in the work, the resistance must be so heavy that all of the fibers are required to move it. Unfortunately with conventional equipment, this is extremely difficult to do; because all of the individual muscle fibers cannot be involved in the work unless the muscle is in a position of full contraction and the resistance is still applied at this point of contraction. Sounds pretty complicated, and it can be difficult or near impossible with conventional equipment. But with the right training partner who helps you do those last few negatives, you will see results that you did not ever see in the past.

I am 54 years old and have the physique of a 28 year old. I work out with weights every 4 days (once or twice a week) for no more than 30 minutes.  My son incorporated this technique and made progressive improvements and never over trained. Think of exercise as a drug…..when you take medicine they give you the MED (Minimum Effective Dose) nothing more or less than you need for the best result. Anyone who takes more or less will suffer in one way or the other. Same thing with muscular development, just do only what is required and nothing more. Those guys who spend hours in the gym are able to because they take drugs that stimulate their development. This will eventually cause them illness. It is counter intuitive to believe that more is better. Without the drugs they would make no gains because their muscles are over-trained and have no ability to recover naturally. Look what happens when they stop the steroid cycle, YIKES!

Work out to maximum intensity with as much weight as possible (without hurting yourself) for a short burst (2 supersets per body part to failure) and go home. Come back to the gym only when you are fully recovered. That is it! You will make gains you never dreamed of.

Some unscientific minds would think that when a muscle is fully contracted all of the muscle fibers contracted at the same time. Although a fully contracted muscle requires all the muscle fibers to shorten at the same time, it does not follow that even at full contraction under a light load all of the muscle fibers will be involved in the work. It is scientifically proven that only the muscle fibers required to meet the load will be called into action. This is great for body movement, not so great for muscular development.

Thus, in order to involve 100% of the fibers in a particular movement, two conditions are required:

1)    The muscle (and its related body part) must be in a position of full contraction  
2)    A load must be imposed in that position that is heavy enough to require the work of all of the individual fibers.

I ride the bike the same way. I do 45 second intervals at full speed and go easy till my heart rate recovers and do it again and again for 15 minutes and go home. Why spend more time in the gym than is required to be super fit and have the physique you want. I use my time for all kinds of productive things and enjoyment. Don’t need to waste it all in the gym……..not kidding. Have a life!

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