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Home Nutrition Fat Loss Why Does Nutrition Play Such a Big Part in Training?

Why Does Nutrition Play Such a Big Part in Training?

Why Does Nutrition Play Such a Big Part in Training?

Today I'm going to answer a couple of the most common questions I hear regarding nutrition and diet. Question number one is "Why does nutrition play a big part in fat loss when training?"


I would say that question is about as akin to asking, "Why does breathing play a big role in life?" Take a look at it from a stock car or race car perspective. Nutrition is fuel and you need to be feeding a machine right in order for it to operate correctly and things always work better when your body is operating correctly. That includes both gaining muscle and burning fat.


Aside from everything working properly being the most efficient way to achieve anything that you want to do with your body, you have to know what you're taking in as far as nutrition goes, so that you know if you're in a deficit or a surplus, because your calories are going in and if you take in more than you need for the activity level that you have, you're going to store it as fat and that's the end of the discussion on that.


If you take in less calories to a point without shutting everything down and going into a catabolic mode, if you take in less calories you're going to start losing weight. Proper nutrition besides the deficit that you create will also help you maintain your mean muscle so that you don't end up just losing weight and being a "skinny fat" person, but that you end up just ripping off a higher percentage of fat in that weight loss and not muscle tissue as well.


Why does nutrition play a big role in fat loss training? It just does, it is as important or more important than your training.


While we're here with nutrition and diet, another common question is, "What's the best way to get big muscles and toned without getting all fat in the belly? " You can see that the question is somewhat similar.


In this case you're trying to achieve two somewhat separate goals and it's not impossible, but you're not going to go into the most optimized role for either. Usually it's not impossible to put on some muscle while you're getting ripped, but it is difficult and you really have to mind your Ps and Qs and have everything spot on.


I feel that the best way to go about this is to make sure that your training doesn't get too fast paced and lighter, because you really want to keep pushing the big weights or using really difficult body weight exercises while you're cutting calories or you will start to get small and if you speed up your training too much, it's going to impede you from lifting heavy.


You don't need that much of a surplus in your calories to start putting on weight; it's just finding that spot where you are in a surplus and not going too far over. What happens when most people try to put on muscle is they just eat everything in sight and so they go way over their totals and they start putting on belly fat really fast.


Muscle gain by nature is a fairly slow process compared to how quickly the fat can come on, so you need to realize that a couple of pounds of muscle a month is an outstanding accomplishment aside from the steroid users that do it much quicker.


When you look at the scale, if at the end of the month you've done your body fat test and that either stayed the same or is dropping and you're two pounds heavier, you've done really awesome, so don't force feed yourself, just find a slight surplus from your daily needs, which there are a couple of free tools on the internet.





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