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Home Training Training Advice- Q & A What should I do to build my abs, my v, and my chest mainly?

What should I do to build my abs, my v, and my chest mainly?

What should I do to build my abs, my v, and my chest mainly?

Question: Hey Amer, I'm currenly in Junior year at college. Freshman year I was on the rowing team, which was my first introduction to any kind of hardcore workout regimen. After that first year I didn't do it again and took some time off from working out, but starting this past summer I've gotten back into fitness. I picked up running outside (at my peak I was at 10% body fat, 160lbs, 5'11", and could run 13 miles) and I was going to the gym to lift. I've also got myself comfortable with a consistant high-protein diet, with moderate carb and fairly low fat intake. At this point, I really want to build my abs, my v, and my chest, mainly. I face several problems, though. When I'm off at school, I only have access to so much equipment. They have any free weights I need, but they lack the setups I usually use (roman chair, dip structure...). Also, I've heard from multiple sources I should be eating more frequently throughout the day, but the way my meal plan works means I can only enter the dining hall 3 times and I'm usually not up early enough for breakfast. I can't really afford to buy food in addition to my meal plan, either. So, I was hoping you could give me some advice on diet and specific exercises. I think at this point I should be bulking, but want to avoid putting on much fat. I also know that I should be using more resistance, but don't know how to do that, for example, with my abs. I also have no idea how to work my v. Could you give me some advice? Thanks, Amer! -Bart

Amer the Hammer's Answer:  Thank you for the question Bart,

A good body is made in the kitchen, more then the gym. Having said that, Lets begin with nutrition first. Personally, because I am very busy and always on the go with training clients, I dont have time to eat 6-7 times a day like I would prefer, instead I eat 3 times( Never Miss breakfast!). Sacrifice getting up early to eat breakfast as that meal determines how productive your body will be throughout the day. Also, because I am limited for time throughout the day, I do incorporate protein shakes, mixed with a scoop of natural peanut butter and a fruit to keep my body in an anabolic state( building muscle, burning fat).

I consume 3 whole food meals, consisting of a protein source (chicken, fish, eggs), a source of carbohydrate( potatoe, brown rice, vegetables) and a polyunsaturated/monounsaturated fat source (omega-3's, almonds, peanuts(butter), avacado, olive oil).

Along with the 3 whole food meals, I consume two shake meals, one throughout the day, and one directly before bedtime to provide my body with the nutrients to grow. Protein shakes are very affordable, I would definitely look into purchasing a 100% whey Isolate protein powder.

As for training. To be able to gain lean muscle mass, you must overload the muscle. Overloading the muscle can be done with resistance training, and progressively increasing the weight you are lifting every workout. This will (force) your muscle into growth. To get your abs to show, you definitely want to trim the body fat, because it is not that you don't have abs, but that their is fat in between your skin and abs. Cardio(running, swimming, cycling) will allow you to increase your HR so you can burn more calories, which will strip the fat off!

Hope this helps you buddy, now go kill it!!




Amer The Hammer is a premier fitness model and personal trainer that has helped hundreds of clients go from fat to contest ready in as little as a few weeks. Amer can help you with all of your needs including fat loss, body toning, muscle building, and pain management.


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