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What is the Best Sport?

What is the Best Sport?

What is the best sport? That is a huge question by society’s youth as one grows older and tries to figure out which sport to play. Many people have different reasons for playing sports: to make friends, get in shape, and/or forget about their personal problems.  So to answer the question of what is the best sport to play? There simply is no answer.


I have played many sports throughout my life. I have played competitive baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer and wrestling throughout my years. I have found so much enjoyment out of these sports for different reasons.  I enjoyed baseball because I loved the slow paced environment, standing out on the baseball diamond, chewing my sunflower seeds or bubble gum and waiting for the ball to be hit my way. I loved to play basketball because of the constant movements and watching others dunk. I thought football was awesome due to tackling people; the only appropriate time in your life to tackle someone is on the football field so I savored every moment. I liked hockey because skating on ice is pretty cool to say the least. Playing soccer is amazing because you run miles throughout the course of the game and you feel as if you got in an incredible workout. Wrestling was amazing because the only person you have to blame is yourself. You have no teammates helping you on the field; it’s just you and your opponent.


The true point of sports is to use competition to push yourself to excel and any sport accomplishes this. Throughout all the sports I played, the best sport is all sports. As long as you are improving your life then your respective sport is doing its job. So I will ask you again: what is the best sport?

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