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Home Sport-Specific Tennis Training What is MP45 and Will Help Me With Tennis?

What is MP45 and Will Help Me With Tennis?

What is MP45 and Will Help Me With Tennis?



Question from Tepp 

I been watching the videos on YouTube and it's very motivating. I'm a tennis player who is trying to take my game to the next level through fitness. How will completing the MP45 program improve my game? I did the p90x without proper nutrition and saw some gains. I would like to do everything perfect if I do MP45. Also are the workout mainly upper body stuff? Does it focus on flexibility as well? I have a lot more but I just wanted to start out with just couple things. Thanks!

Answer from Muscle Prodigy

Thank you for reaching out. MP45 is a revolutionary program that is entirely different from other programs such as P90X. P90X focuses on resistance band training that you can do in your home. Yes, you will see some decent developments in your physique because let's face it, some training is better than none at all, so when you implement that from a life of being sedentary, you will see big changes. However, as an All-American wrestler, I couldn't train in my home while my opponents were out there getting faster, stronger, and more athletic/agile than me. I needed to train like an elite athlete. Elite athletes cannot rely on resistance band training if they want to be as lean as possible and firing on all cylinders with their 40 time, reaction time, body's durability, etc. To look the way they do and to be the best athlete you can, you need to incorporate a multi-faceted approach of cardio, weight resistance training, and proper diet. So to answer your question about the upper body, MP45 focuses on everything- it will train your abs, chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs, flexibility (I especially talk about the benefits of dynamic stretching, which you should incorporate into your workout for 15 minutes directly after your workouts). A lot of people have a misconception that you should stretch beforehand. This is actually working against your goals. Stretching temporarily weakens your muscle- you want to warm up properly beforehand by doing a systemic cardio bout and gradually working up to your resistance. Save the stretching for directly after your workout routines and dynamic stretching will be very beneficial to increasing your flexibility. 

You see, getting lean is all about a systemic process. There is no such thing as spot reduction, so doing bicep curls won't burn fat in the area around the biceps. Instead, it needs to be a whole lifestyle change, where you enter a slight caloric deficit to burn the fat throughout your whole body and that change will result in you losing fat in your stomach, chest, and ultimately, your biceps. The same goes for building muscle. By performing squats, you actually build muscle in your upper body because exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges release tremendous amounts of precious hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone, which creates the proper anabolic hormonal environment for you to build muscle in your upper body and burn fat throughout your whole body.

MP45 preaches a philosophy I coined called High Intensity Stimulation Training and is perfect for you, especially since you are an athlete. As an All-American wrestler, I knew how to train my body to bring and help those around me become better athletes. I've been sought after by elite tennis players to help train them to reach the next level as a D1 college athlete (I've trained the #1 tennis player in the East in High school, guys at Brown, Cornell, Virginia, etc.). They specifically responded well to the sprints that I put them through (which are continually preached in the MP45 program), where they were outrunning their opponents by the second set and were completely dwarfing their opponents' stamina come the third set. While the opponents were gassed, they were just heating up because their training prepared their physically, but more importantly, mentally. The same thing goes with getting a ripped physique with minimal body fat.  It requires pushing yourself within your workouts, but not to the point where you overtrain. That is why each workout session MUST be under one hour. This is very important to keep your hormones in check. You see, your body's hormonal environment is far more important than the calories you are burning during exercise to burn fat and these hormones get compromised with too few calories, too much exercise, and lack of sleep to produce at their optimal levels. Muscular development occurs after you provided a stimulus, but working out actually breaks down the muscle tissue. It is up to your regimen outside of the gym to actually start the reparation process so that your muscle fibers grow back bigger and stronger. MP45 tells you everything you need to know in regards to nutrition and training, providing you with a 45 day plan scheduling everything out for you: 


Day 1- Back and Biceps
Bent Over Rows- 8 Reps x 4 Sets  


Meal 1- Egg White Omelet with Cup of Oatmeal
Meal 2- .... 

But more importantly what I do is I deliver a very thorough, yet easy to understand program that explains the science behind the training and the nutrition. Being told what to do is not as important as understanding why, I didn't design this program to feed you a fish, I want to teach you HOW to fish.  You see, with programs like P90X they tell you what to do during the 90 days, but after the 90 days are up, they become very lost and they rarely see any differences in their bodies after the 90 days are over. After these 45 days are over in which you will make the most drastic  difference in your appearance in your life, you will know EXACTLY what to do after those 45 days are over, because you will have learned exactly why everything in your body works the way it does and you will become such an expert in it that you will teach all your friends, teammates. I guarantee you will know even more about training and nutrition than your tennis coaches also when you're done with this. The only regret I have is that I wish I discovered these principles when I was younger, because I know I would have been an Olympic wrestler.

Best of luck to you and I hope you make this decision to bring MP45 into your life. Thank you for all your support and take care!



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