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Home Nutrition Supplements Advice What Does Beta Alanine Do?

What Does Beta Alanine Do?

What Does Beta Alanine Do?



Beta alanine is the new creatine. When we exercise, especially when it’s high intensity exercise, our bodies accumulate a large amount of hydrogen ions (H+), causing our muscles pH to drop (become more acidic). H+ causes your muscles pH to drop, in turn decreasing your strength and causing you to fatigue faster. These limitations stop you from adequately overloading your muscles and forcing NEW muscle gains. Beta alanine prevents the drop in ph within our muscle by boosting the synthesis of another amino acid carnosine. Carnosine helps stabilize muscular pH by soaking up hydrogen ions (H+) that are released at an accelerated rate during exercise. Beta alanine can increase carnosine concentration by 65%, and is present across all muscle fiber types- Type I, IIa, and IIb. Beta alanine benefits all type of athletes; regardless of their mode or intensity of exercise.

Your training volume goes up and you by extension, you get stronger. In a 10 week study, reearchers found that beta alanine increased strength. Beta alanine has increased a one-rep max in bench press by over 30 poundsand a one-rep squat max by roughly 50 pounds. Other studies have shown beta alanine to increase power output by over 40%.

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