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Wesley Snipes Workout

Wesley Snipes Workout


This Bronx native is one of the best martial artists to ever appear on screen. With his hit movies Blade, Passenger 57, Demolition Man, and US Marshals, it's no doubt that his sick pack celebrity body had a large part in landing him those roles. His athletic roles in Wildcats and Major League launched his career in tough guy roles and gave him his claim to fame. Snipes still has the body to get premiere roles and the time he spent in the gym not only saved his career, but also saved his life. While Snipes' downtown Manhattan apartment was destroyed by the collapse of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, he happened to have been delayed at the gym where he was working out, otherwise he could have been home at that moment. While Snipes infamously promoted Chuck Norris' Total Gym during his younger years, I doubt that's what landed him his physique. Snipes focuses on balancing cardio, weight training, and flexibility with his workout and training routine. Also, a staple of martial arts is that having a sound mind will lead to a sound body and vice versa.


Our take: The gym can be life-saving. Literally...



Snipes has a very big and powerful looking chest. 

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