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Home Women What Men Want? Featured Q & A Went On a Great Date and No Call for 2 Weeks. What Do I Do?

Went On a Great Date and No Call for 2 Weeks. What Do I Do?

Went On a Great Date and No Call for 2 Weeks. What Do I Do?


Reader’s Question:

I met this guy Sunday night and everything seemed to be going great. We exchanged numbers and that night we talked on the phone all night. When ending the conversation I asked him to call me in the morning and he replied saying he would, but he hasn’t called me! And now I haven’t heard from him in over two weeks.  I’m so confused! We had such a good one on one conversation. I don’t know what happened! What should I do???

Girl’s Answer:

I'm sorry sweetie, sometimes if we go in too fast, too much, it fizzles out too quickly. It’s gotta be a marathon, not a sprint. Remember that men have to feel like they are pursuing you; you are the prize. If you are won too easily, and you are no work at all, they will lose interest quickly. You have to show that you are a prize, that you are evaluating him and seeing if he is worthy of your time. You cannot give him the green light all the time. By talking to him so many hours right after you met, you are telling him that it's easy to have your precious time and that he doesn't have to work to get it. You are telling him that you are easily caught. Too eager for a man’s attention. Plus, right after that long conversation, you told him to call you the next morning. You are giving him the idea that he has won your heart through and through with no work on his part at all. He was probably thinking, We just talked all night and she wants me to call her in the morning? She is going to be very needy.  It's kind of like when guys go fishing. They don't want the fish that is easy to catch. They want the one that very few fishermen have caught. They want the prize.
You have to be a prize. Whatever you do, don't call him. If there is any hope in this situation, it’s giving him a chance to miss you.

Midori is the girl behind Think old fashioned Carrie Bradshaw dishing out mother approved dating advice. She currently resides in Seattle.


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