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Water Intake for Fat Loss

Water Intake for Fat Loss

Water intake it is a huge factor in losing weight and I will tell you why. The fat cells are not only a storage area for energy but they are also a place for your body to tuck away toxins that didn't get excreted quickly enough that could harm your system.


Your body is really smart in the way that, if you start burning off a lot of fat you will be releasing a lot of toxins from your system, from those fat cells because you're burning them.

You're mobilizing the fat and the toxins that are in there together. If you don't have adequate water intake your body is not going to want to dump more toxins into your system because it is going to poison itself. Besides that I mean if you're dehydrated obviously you can't work out very hard and you will shut down, but I think that is one of the biggest reasons in my opinion is that it is the same as when you work out really hard, if you can't get the toxins out of your system, unless it is nervous system overload, what do you do? You barf.

There are a lot of waste products from exercise and toxins and stuff that need to come out of your system. Your body is more into self preservation than it is fat burning. It will take care of making the body clean and getting it to working order before it will move onto something like metabolizing fat.

How do you formulate how much water you need? I would like to switch that question and say that you don't really want to have to keep everyday trying to figure out all these formulas, because it will drive you nutty.

Now if you did want to know and figured out just down to the gram and ounce, all you have to do is Google 'daily water intake for active or athlete' or whatever because I know how active you are and you will come up with a formula.

It is pretty widespread I just can't remember what it is right now. But suffice to say if you drink a litre of water after your workouts and then drink a glass with every meal you will be pretty safe. Further to that, the quality of the water matters too. There is fluoride in the water, there is chlorine in the water, those are more toxins that are going into your system that you're getting from the thing that you're trying to ingest to excrete toxins, so it just makes a little extra work load, not so cool. If you've never heard about the chlorine and fluoride thing that might be something else that you want to check out.

Is it possible to drink too much water?


The good thing about water is you just end up peeing it all out if you drink a lot. There was a case where people were trying to drink as much water as they could but they couldn't get up and use the bathroom for a contest and someone ended up dying or something like that but that is only if you can't pee it out. That could very well be urban myth as well. But no, you can't get fat or anything like that; as long as you have the capacity to excrete then you can't really drink too much. It doesn't really have a negative impact on you.

The worst thing that will happen when you drink lots of water is you start excreting lots of sodium and then when you secrete you will look much drier and leaner. That is something that I did when I competed in the last bodybuilding show is that you drink a ton of water and you secrete all this extra salt. So you excrete because it holds onto water molecules as well and it gets that nice tight dry underneath your skin look. You just stop drinking water all of a sudden and you're dry as a bone. That is just for contest but you never want to stop-stop.

Speaking of which, how much sodium should you take in? The thing is just don't add stupid amounts to your food and drink adequate water and you don't need to worry about it. It definitely falls into 80/20 percentage of things that you need to worry about when it comes to fat loss. Get your multiple meals a day; get adequate amounts of each nutrient, get away from junk and everything else will follow the line. If you're down below 10% body fat and you want to start worrying amount milligrams or micrograms or whatever sodium and measuring your water intake and stuff like that because you're going to step on stage well then that it is a whole separate topic.

Hope that helps some.




About the Author

Ray Burton is a personal trainer and the author of an amazing new ebook that will show you how to to quickly burn fat and get in the best shape of your life using insider personal trainer secrets that create rapid fat loss... without endless hours in the gym!

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