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Home Want to Beat Insomnia? Get to the Gym!

Want to Beat Insomnia? Get to the Gym!

Want to Beat Insomnia? Get to the Gym!


No one is suggesting that people who can't sleep should hop out of bed and do jumping jacks, but a daily routine that includes aerobic exercise has been shown to help people get a better night's sleep. Science Daily reports that researchers at Northwestern University studied 23 sedentary adults, primarily women, 55 and older who had so much trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep that the lack of sleep impaired their daytime function.

The participants were divided into two groups, one of which exercised for two 20-minute sessions four times per week or one 30-to-40-minute session four times per week, both for 16 weeks. Participants worked at 75 percent of their maximum heart rate on at least two activities including walking or using a stationary bicycle or treadmill. The other group participated in recreational or educational activities, such as a cooking class or a museum lecture, which met for about 45 minutes three to five times per week for 16 weeks. Science Daily reports that the researchers found that exercise improved the participants' sleep quality, elevating them from a diagnosis of poor sleeper to good sleeper. They also reported fewer depressive symptoms, more vitality and less daytime sleepiness.




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