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Home Sport-Specific Basketball Training Use Plyometric Boxes to Increase Your Vertical Leap

Use Plyometric Boxes to Increase Your Vertical Leap

Use Plyometric Boxes to Increase Your Vertical Leap

Plyometric boxes are specially built to maximize the tension in your legs. Like winding a spring tighter and tighter, these awesome vertical increase tools help torque up your explosion. This leads to an increase not only in your vertical jumping ability, but also a drastic improvement in your foot speed, cardiovascular endurance, overall leg strength and health, and "out of the blocks" speed. Professional and college volleyball and basketball teams employ them as a regular part of their exercise regimen to keep their athletes jumping at their max vertical.

Plyometric boxes are measured in height, and come in many sizes, but the sizes most commonly seen to produce the best results are 12", 18", 24" and 30". Advanced users can even progress up to the 36" and 42" heights! By repeatedly flexing and relaxing your leg muscles when jumping on and off of these steps, you train your muscles to increase their elasticity. This is where the better speed and greater vertical jump come from.

Basketball and volleyball players, both serious and novice alike, are generally the more common users of plyometric boxes, but the exercises and boxes yield benefits to anyone who uses them the right way. There is a very specific set of exercises you need to work out with to get the maximum improvement. And following those exercises for an extended period cab give you amazing results. Athletes have reported increases of as much as 12 inches in a 6 month training program.

Some vertical jump worshipers make their own plyometric boxes, but any time athletic equipment is involved, I prefer to let the pros make the tools for me to use. How do you know if the plans you download for free off of the internet are safe? Incredible pressure is exerted on these platforms, and they can very easily slip or crush if not built correctly. The last thing you want is to injure yourself. Your vertical laying on your couch with a bag of ice on your foot is zero!

Many users have shown even better improvement in their vertical leap when coupling a specific workout made for their particular body with their plyometric boxes. This combines an awesome "jump higher" piece of athletic equipment with a daily routine that exploits your personal positives, and improves your negatives. Having a workout tailored specifically for you, and using proven workout equipment like manufacture made plyometric boxes will have you throwing it down in no time.

About the Author

Michael Hlatky

To get a CUSTOM MADE plyometric workout tailored to YOUR needs, be sure to check out vertical mastery. It will almost guarantee that you will add 5+ inches to your vertical!

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