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Home Training Beginner's Guide Unconventional Cardio In the Gym

Unconventional Cardio In the Gym

Unconventional Cardio In the Gym



As part of your New Year's Resolutions, I am sure that you were anxious to get in the gym and develop the best body of your lives. The people who are successful in this world follow through on their New Year's Resolutions and should still be going strong in March. You need to perform a proper cardio routine at least twice, preferably three times, per week of 20-30 minutes each session. The workout needs to consist of a HIIT routine, which means it needs to be high intensity interval training. Intense sprints is where you burn the most fat. Your resting metabolic rate is spiked long after exercise with HIIT exercise. It will catapult your body into a fat-burning state, increase your VO2 max, and even create an anabolic hormonal environment within your body to actually build more muscle mass. Forget the steady state cardio, you should only do HIIT training.

Below is cardiovascular conditioning that you can do in the gym when the machines are all full or even at home. All you need is something to jump over (a bench) and a jump rope.
This routine consists of 3 exercises that you will perform back to back to back and then take 1 minute break and repeat for 10 total sets.


1) Side Jumps over a Bench- 30 Reps
2) Jump Rope- 30 Seconds
3) One-Step High Hurdles- 10 Reps

Rest 1 Minute after you complete all 3. Do 10 Total Sets.



Why is HIIT training better? Ever look at a sprinter as opposed to a marathon runner? Which body would you like to have?


Marathon runners almost look sickly. It's because long-distance running eats at your muscle and your joints, whereas sprinting actually is beneficial for your muscles and puts much less strain on your joints because you aren't pounding on your knees for as long a period of time. Intensity is the most efficient way to burn fat, because it elevates your metabolism so much that you burn fat long after the exercise is done; whereas when you run at a steady pace, your body burns calories to perform the task but the fat burning process is over when the running is over. I don't know about you but I like to burn fat while I'm on the couch too. The reason these sprinters are in such top shape even though they don't burn as many calories in their workouts as marathon runners, is because of the high intense nature it takes to run a full-out sprint. Running 10- 100 meter sprints in a practice session as opposed to 6 miles (96-100 meter segments) in a practice session is because to do a sprint your body needs to incorporate slow twitch,  intermediary twitch, fast fatigue resistant twitch, and fast oxidative-glycolytic muscle fibers in order to perform the sprint. When you run 6 miles you just incorporate slow twitch muscle fibers. Your body needs an extraordinary amount of energy to not only perform the sprint but also to recover from it. By incorporating all of the muscle fibers that the long-distance running doesn't, you burn much more calories during the actual 100 yard sprint than the 100 yard steady paced sprinting, even though you are covering the same amount of distance. Just think about how much more energy it requires within your body to bring in 4 sets of muscle fibers as opposed to one set. High intensity training is the most efficient form of burning fat and you can do the workout in a quarter of the time it takes to run 6 miles.

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