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Home Training Get Ripped Unboring HIIT Cardio in the Gym

Unboring HIIT Cardio in the Gym

Unboring HIIT Cardio in the Gym


Below is an awesome cardio routine to do today in the gym that won't leave you bored that you can do in under 45 minutes in the gym. This is a great cardio workout routine that will work on explosiveness, quickness, endurance, stamina in addition to reducing tons of bodyfat and bringing great detail throughout your whole body. HIIT cardio is the most effective way to burn fat. HIIT Cardio consists of short burtsts of high intervals consisted with short periods of rest or active rest. You really want to test yourself on this and go as hard as possible on each exercise. Also, you want to do the box jumps as quickly as you possibly can, exploding up in a jump as soon as you hit the ground.


Leg Workout

Warm Up Routine:

5 Minutes Treadmill on Incline 2%, Above 6 mph Rest 1 Minute

3 Minutes Jump Rope- Rest 1 Minute

Working Routine:

Complete the following circuit routine with no rest in between each exercise:

1) Treadmill- Sprint for 45 Seconds on a 8% Incline at Your Fastest Speed

2) Jump Rope- 30 Seconds

3) Slalom Jumps over a Bench- 15 Reps Each Side (30 Total Reps) as Fast as Possible

4) 36" Plyo-Box Jumps- 15 Reps as Fast as You Can

Rest 1 Minute; Repeat the Circuit 4 times

Rest 3 Minutes after your 4th Circuit



Circuit #2:

1) 25 Burpees

2) Plyo Jumps Over 2 Benches- 20 Reps back and Forth

Rest 1 Minute; Repeat Circuit #2 Twice

Rest 2 Minutes after the 2nd Circuit is Complete

Cool Down Routine:

5 Minutes Treadmill Flat Surface 6 mph

5 Minutes Treadmill Brisk Walk

Stretch Out Your Legs for 10 minutes Doing the Sit-And Reach and Quad Pulls

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