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Home Training Workouts Tyler Sarry Workout

Tyler Sarry Workout

Tyler Sarry Workout

Tyler Sarry Workout Split:

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Mon- Legs
Tue- Back/abs
Wed- Chest/abs
Thur- Shoulders/Core
Fri- Bi’s/Tri’s
Sat- Off
Sun- 8 km run

Tyler Sarry Sample Workout:

The below circuit can be performed 1-4 times through without rest until entire circuit is completed, remembering that any weight increase will slightly lower the rep range or static holding time. This is a full body circuit that I do every few weeks.


Mat push with mountain climber @ end

20-30 steps then 20 MC’s  @ the wall



Overhead held shoulder press w lunge

16-20 steps



Spider-man pushups

20-30 reps



Swiss ball side plank w roll-out

12-15 each side


Single arm woodchop (through legs up to shoulder press and straight out and down)

12-15 reps each arm

Swiss ball bicep curl against wall on toes

15-20 reps



Static Hamstring Hold

40-60 sec

Swiss ball tricep roll-out or crocodile pushup

15-20 reps



Torso-Twist on the Swiss

20 reps

Opposite arm/leg plank on swiss ball

40 sec. each side


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Date Published : 2010-03-17 06:46:38
Written By : Muscle Prodigy