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Tyler Sarry Interview

Tyler Sarry Interview

MP: How long have you been training for and how did you get started?

Tyler: I started training at the start of high school for a few months then kind of fell out of it for a bit.  Then got back into it around 17 and have been training 6 days a week ever since!  So to answer the question almost 9 yrs.

MP: What motivates you to train hard at the gym each and every day?

Tyler: That can be a tough question after getting your body into the best shape it can pretty much get “naturally”.  I would have to say it’s more of maintaining my shape while being more efficient with the time I spend in the gym.  And playing sports and finding ways that are not so traditional/gym based and different to keep me from getting bored and plateauing.

MP: What single exercise do you feel has given you the best results and why?

Tyler: I would have to say walking barbell lunges (heavy) backwards walking followed by forwards.  I believe the non-stop tension placed on your hamstring/glutes (not to mention core strength and stability) really gives you gains while at the same time really increasing your HR.

MP: Many people believe that you need one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. What is your stance on adequate protein consumption?

Tyler: I believe that you do need approx 1-1.5 grams per pound.  But there are certain considerations you must take into consideration such as training intensity/duration.  And if you are having shakes it is very easy for some to over-consume which can lead to weight-gain, as the excess will get stored as fat! So really pay attention to calories/protein consumption as some really don’t account shakes like they should (especially if it’s a weight gainer!)

MP: What is your secret to getting shredded abs?

Tyler: DIET, DIET, DIET!  How many guys do you see in the gym 5x a week that still have a gut!?  You can train all day every day but if you don’t pay attention to what you eat and when you eat it, then your never going to see results!  This is why I do just as many diets online for ppl as I train clients.  Because people are finally realizing that just going to the gym isn’t going to get them “RIPPED”.  You must pay close attention to what your eating in the morning vs. the night to pre workout vs. post.  For more info or to inquire about a personalized plan from me you can always email me.

MP: What is your opinion on people who train nearly every single day? Do you believe that working out 6-7 days a week is overtraining? How should someone break up their routine and incorporate proper rest days?  

Tyler: I have always split up my muscle groups so I am never working the same muscle more than twice a week.  Your body definitely needs rest to grow and as I recently found out when I do a 2 day on 1 day off split I am much stronger then just going 6 straight days in a row.  This allows my assisting muscle groups to recover to give me the required strength for full body type exercises.

MP: What is your favorite time of the day to workout and why?  

Tyler: Iabsolutely love working out earlier in the day.  It accelerates my energy and makes me feel much better as sometimes after a long day the last place I wanna be is a gym full of ppl who just finished work and are all trying to “relieve their stress”.

MP: Do you see any benefits with “cheat meals” in terms of muscle growth?  

Tyler: I wouldn’t say benefits exactly, but for myself I do like eating out at the odd fast food restaurant as I do have a sugary fat “tooth”.  But I have found that it is much better to have the odd “cheat meal” than to restrict yourself so much that when you finally do give in you binge and go way overboard.  If you like eating “cheats” then eat them but keep it to a minimum and pay close attention to the timing (not before bed etc) and calories as a lot of stuff out their can have 10x the kcal you actually think (that’t the advantage to eating healthy!)

MP: You have vast experiences with modeling. Do you have any recognitions/awards from doing so?  

Tyler: I received my FAME fitness Pro Card back in 2005 when I won my first show.  Then competed in a multitude of shows across North America with top places. Then this past June 2009 I won the MuscleMania Model Universe Championships which is the biggest fitness modeling convention in the world.

MP: What is your favorite kind of modeling and why?

Tyler: I love action shots, it looks so cool when you capture someone doing what they love best and you can see it in their face.

MP: What are your future goals?

Tyler: I plan on opening a few businesses in Toronto and opening my first studio gym in the next year or so.  Then travel the world working  with great photographers and networking all over.

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Date Published : 2010-03-13 16:31:02
Written By : Muscle Prodigy