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Try This Leg Workout for Extreme Mass and Detail

Try This Leg Workout for Extreme Mass and Detail


Here is an awesome leg workout routine that will work out every part of the legs. You will hit your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It consists of 6 different exercises that will torch the fibers in your legs  and will take you out of your plateau and send your legs into a new growth phase.


This routine consists of 6 explosive leg exercises that will target a ton of stimulation throughout the lower body.


1) Bike- 5 minute Warm-Up
2) Back Squats (Warm Up Sets & Working Sets)
3) Deadlifts
4) Barbell Lunges
5) Dumbbell Step Up
6) Quad Extensions Superset with Leg Curls
7) Seated Calf Raises






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Picture courtesy of Animal Pak and Brian Moss Photography

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