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Treat Her Right on Valentines Day

Treat Her Right on Valentines Day

It’s important to treat a woman right before you make her your girl during the courting period. More important, is it to treat her right when she’s your girl. The marriage-cheating site, has put out statistics that the biggest signup days for women on the site are the day after Valentine’s Day and the day after Mother’s Day.  In fact, the site states that “ten times more women sign up on February 15th than average.”

What does this mean? Guys, don’t take your lady for granted! She’s not a park bench that you can merely lean on and expect her to always be there. They have feelings and emotions that need to be nurtured. You know that feeling you get when you haven’t eaten in like 3 hours? That is how a woman feels when you neglect her heart and emotions. 

A comedian once joked that “a man will cheat because there is an opportunity, but a woman will cheat when she isn’t happy because she has about five opportunities before 9 AM.” Your girl probably gets hit on five times before she’s had her morning coffee. Do you really want to risk losing her by neglecting her emotions and making her feel special? Buy the flowers, buy the chocolates, and write her a corny poem. If your boys give you crap, ask them where their girl is….probably registering on or resting in the bed sheets of another man….

Here is where I got the information about AshleyMadison:

Note: I do not condone or support the website but will not state why to avoid lawsuits based on slander.

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