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Home Sport-Specific Sports Entertainment Top 20 Best NFL Football Players 2011 - Part 2

Top 20 Best NFL Football Players 2011 - Part 2

Top 20 Best NFL Football Players 2011 - Part 2

Finally…that grueling lockout has ended. The 2011 NFL Season is back in business and we all can’t wait to watch! With the 2011 NFL Season in full gear, Muscle Prodigy breaks down who we believe are the Top 20 Best NFL Football Players for the 2011 football season. Here are #11-20...


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#11- Ed Reed


After missing the first six games of last season, Ed Reed still managed to lead the NFL in interceptions. This just proves how valuable he is. In addition, Reed is known to study game film more than most players and finds ways to continually improve his game. His athleticism, shutdown ability and pure passion at the safety position are second to none.









#12- Michael Vick



Michael Vick has the highest ceiling of anyone on this list. When people thought his career would tank after getting out of jail. Vick has only improved. Last season, Vick showed truly why he was one of the most hyped players who ever came out of college. No one can match his athleticism and arm strength. If he puts up a season like last year, there is no question he is number 1 on this list.







#13- Charles Woodson


While Darrelle Revis is a prototypical shutdown cornerback, Charles Woodson is the better playmaker, getting more interceptions and causing ball carriers to fumble the ball. Woodson is the true star of one of the league’s best defenses.








#14- Joe Thomas


Joe Thomas thrives on consistency, and that’s why he has been named to four Pro Bowls in as many years in the league. In 2006, the Cleveland Browns allowed a horrid 54 sacks in the season. After the Browns took Joe Thomas third in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Browns have had one of the better offensive lines in the league. Thomas always blocks against the defense’s best players, notably in-divison rivals James Harrison and Terrell Suggs. Thomas always seems to get the best of them.








#15- Larry Fitzgerald


After watching Larry Fitzgerald dominate the playoffs two seasons ago, combined with his incredible consistency since entering the league, Fitzgerald deserves a place among the league’s best stars. His body control and leaping ability along with strong hands allows him to excel at his position. Since Kurt Warner retired, Fitzgerald’s stock has taken a major hit. However, with Kevin Kolb now at the center of the huddle, it would be hard to believe Fitzgerald can’t surge into the top 5 by season’s end, overtaking Andre Johnson as the league’s best receiver.







#16- Arian Foster



This is a huge year for Arian Foster. After being name to the All-Pro First Team, winning an ESPY, and breaking the Houston Texans rushing record, Arian needs to prove that he can do it again. We think he can.








#17- DeMarcus Ware


DeMarcus Ware is the best pass rusher in the NFL. He is the most explosive player off the edge and forces turnovers like no other. Since entering the league in 2005, Ware has accumulated more sacks than any other player in the league.







#18- Roddy White


With Matt Ryan maturing into a great quarterback, Roddy White is blossoming into a superstar. With new draft pick Julio Jones added to Ryan’s repertoire, White can do even more damage in the open field. 







#19- Jamaal Charles


Jamaal Charles led the league in yards per carry last year as a backup to Thomas Jones. Who knows what he can accomplish as the starter this year. Like Adrian Peterson, Charles has the rare combination of size, strength, speed and skill at the running back position.








#20- Drew Brees


No other quarterback has better pinpoint accuracy and timing than Drew Brees. He’s a proven winner and consistently puts up top numbers for the NFC’s most consistently good team.




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