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Tom Platz Insanely Intense Leg Workout

Tom Platz Insanely Intense Leg Workout


Tom Platz's legs are what every bodybuilder strives their lower tree trunks to look like. His combination of size and striating detail is still unmatched to this day. Some could say it was his genetic predisposition to get big muscular thighs, but it was his workout intensity that is still unmatched to this day.


Tom Platz squatted 635 lbs. for 8 reps, 350 pounds for 52 reps, and 225 pounds for over 100 reps. This may seem like complete bullsh*t to you, but watch this video of him doing 495 lbs. for 23 reps going ass to the grass and you'll see how ridiculously strong this guy was when it came to the squat:


As shown in Flex Magazine, here are Tom Platz's squat rules:

  • Stretch thoroughly before beginning.
  • Place the bar high on your shoulders.
  • Place your feet at about shoulder width with toes pointed slightly outward.
  • Let your knees travel out over your toes, keeping your torso flexed and upright throughout each rep.
  • Go slightly below parallel, and do not bounce in the bottom position.
  • Stretch and walk around between sets to keep blood circulating and to aid recovery.
  • Pyramid up to your heaviest sets.
  • Alternate between a heavy workout (with sets of five to eight reps) and a light workout (with sets of 10-20 reps).
  • Put everything you have into every set.


Here was his legendary exercise routine in which 99% of gym-goers couldn't even get through the first exercise alone:

EXERCISE                  SETS   REPS

Squats                    8-10    5-20
Hack squats               5      10-15
Leg extensions            5-8    10-15
Lying leg curls           6-10   10-15
Standing calf raises      3-4    10-15
Seated calf raises        3-4    10-15
Hack machine calf raises  3-4    10-15

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