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Tips for Calf Muscle Exercise

Tips for Calf Muscle Exercise


To lose weight and change your shape, you have to raise your metabolic rate to burn more kilojoules, even when you're not exercising. One of the main ways to keep your metabolic rate stoked is by constantly feeding it. Though kilojoule burning is paramount to losing fat, kilojoule counting can be tedious and discouraging. The great news is that when you focus on the foods, the foods themselves will, in a way, count kilojoules for you. A study from Texas Tech University and the Mayo Clinic suggests that people who have a daily alcoholic drink are 54 percent less likely to have a weight problem than those who don't imbibe.

Being a hard gainer is one of themost infuriating things in the world to be, specially should you be body building for years without making any progress. For anyone who is one of these individuals what you need is a hardgainer workout which will fit your genetics. Most workout routines can be too hard on the nervous system of a hard gainer thus employing all of its recuperative powers simply to stay even. Athletes need their legs to have high levels of strength, power and stamina. Running well is a requirement for basketball, baseball, tennis and 10Ks, and strong, muscular legs are a must for biking, swimming and even golf.

When working out a large muscle group such as the quadriceps, it makes sense to alternate a weight-bearing exercise with one that's weight-free. The muscle fibers are stressed during both, but bridging free-weight movements with a bodyweight exercise allows for a continual session without overdoing it. Stand grasping a barbell on the upper back next to a bench. Proceed to step on the bench with the left foot, then step all the way up. Pause, then step down to starting position with the right foot first. There are weight-free exercises and there are weight-aided exercises. Here we combine the two, with a program for the lower body that uses ankle weights as the resistance elements.

Stand with legs together and hands on hips. Proceed to raise and bend the lower right leg behind you until it is parallel to the ground. Pause, then lower to starting position. Perform the next repetition with the left leg, and complete 15 alternating repetitions with each leg. In bodybuilding, calf exercises increase the bulk and definition of the upper back and sides of the lower legs. The leg press calf raise is an excellent movement for this purpose. Ankle joint extension is vital in speed walking, running and jumping activities because it provides the final push in propelling the body forward or upward as needed. This includes jumping in volleyball and basketball, diving, ski jumping, ballet, the high jump and long jump. In running and speed walking, ankle joint extension can create up to 50% of the force needed to propel you forward for maximum speed. More explosive sports may build calf muscle definition, but you won't see an increase in calf muscle mass. If you're looking for maximum mass development, bodybuilding is the answer.

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