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Thomas Jones Workout

Thomas Jones Workout


Thomas Jones muscle workout routine gives him the premiere body in the NFL today. The Pro-Bowl running back for the Kansas City Chiefs works out Monday through Thursday and has a personal trainer on Friday.  He takes a rest day on Sunday. He believes his workouts are most beneficial when he can get enough rest during the week. His former coach on the Jets, Rex Ryan, said of Thomas that he was "built upside down". 


Thomas Jones is a student of building muscle and he loves to lift weights. He lifts weights every day during the season with Sundays off. It's important to give at least one day of a rest a week for your body to just relax and free yourself from any resistance or cardiovascular training. Your body grows when it rests. If you are constantly training then your body has no way to rest. Jones is obviously aware of this so he makes sure he gets that one day of rest. 


He doesn't just train as a way to build strength, speed, and quickness on the field, but he does it so that he has a body armor to prevent against injury. On Monday, when his body is in pain from Sunday's game, he does a full-body workout. Each day after that, it's a different muscle group. "My body is my protection. The harder I am, the more solid I am, the more hits I can take", Jones says. Jones also works with a personal trainer Fridays and Saturdays. As Jones does, it's important to train different muscle groups on different days. If you are consistently training the same muscles day in and day out, you could overtrain. When you train different muscles, you are able to give other muscles more rest. The full-body workout the day after a game is unique to many. Who knew Jones had it in him to do such a workout after taking a beating on the football field the day before. Jones is a professional athlete and knows his body more than anyone. While we wouldn't recommend doing this, Jones knows what works for him and what doesn't. 






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Jones gets so focused during his workous that he blasts music in his ears and zones everything out going around him and just focuses on doing his task- moving iron and making muscle. Jones listens to mostly rap and throws in some rock too like Metallica and AC/DC. True headbanging music.


After games and hard practices, Thomas Jones dunks himself in freezing-cold ice baths to decrease the inflammation in his muscles and tendons. This is actually an uncomfortably painful procedure that many players steer clear of, but Jones feels it's a necessary evil. "I hate the cold tub, but I get in there regardless, because it helps keep my legs fresh. It's like putting food in the refrigerator."



So why are Jones' arms so big? Jones says he needs to have big biceps,
triceps, and forearms to protect the football. Since he's going against
defenders who have 30-100 pounds on him, he's got to be strong
enough to protect the ball from getting stripped away. 



Jones also makes sure he works incessantly on his traps. Jones believes that the traps absorb a lot of the blow from the hits, so if they are well developed then it will minimize the impact that goes through the rest of the body. Thomas Jones has quietly compiled a fantastic career and it's certainly due to his longevity. He takes care of his body by putting in a grueling workout regimen. "We play as a team, but at the end of the day, I can only do my job". However, Jones has now been able to rely on running back standout Jamaal Charles to share the carries throughout the season and further extend Jones' career. But don't count on seeing Jones taking it easier on himself because he has a 1,000 yard rusher in the backfield next to him.


The 5'10, 212 lb. Jones runs a 4.43 40 yard dash time, has a 35" vertical and can bench press 225 lbs. for 24 reps. This wasn't always the case though. Jones has built an impressive physique through years and years of hard work in the gym. Jones has said that when he was in high school, all he did was train upper body and neglected his legs in the gym. However, as soon as went to college, he started working out his legs and he immediately went from 185 pounds to 210 pounds. Having strong and conditioned legs correlates to a stronger rest of the body. Training legs is a necessity for any athlete.


Another transformation occurred in the NFL when he realized the importance of diet. He started learning about his body, why certain exercises were beneficial over others, and how nutrition played its role in recovering the muscles. Thomas Jones went from a slurpee-downing, McDonald's gorging, Mike and Ike craving fiend to making sure his egg whites and grilled chicken quotas were up to par for the day. But don't take Jones for all brawn and no brain. Jones understood as he was growing up that academics were first and sports came second. If he got anything less than a B on his report card, he knew that playing football wasn't an option. His dad made sure that he learned 5 new words every day and cut out the sports section of the newspaper and made him read the whole paper before school every morning.


Coming out of high school, Jones had his pick at any school in the country being a top running back in the nation. Thomas made sure that he picked a school known for its terrific academics, not its athletics- University of Virginia. While there, he completed his degree in psychology in only 3 years. That's in addition to his grueling weight training and practice schedule. While most student-athletes call it being an athlete and a student on the side, Jones was hitting the books hard to finish early before he went to the NFL. Jones knew that the NFL was not a guarantee and he ensured that he had something great to fall back on in case he needed to follow through on a Plan B. Jones now also has completed a degree in master's education. This is while he was in the NFL. Jones also attributes more of his longevity to studying film and psychoanalzing his opponents as well. Thomas Jones is a true Muscle Prodigy.





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Date Published : 2011-12-10 04:22:09
Written By : Jaret Grossman

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