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Home Sport-Specific Sports Entertainment The World's Toughest and Most Sadistic Competition: The Death Race Vermont

The World's Toughest and Most Sadistic Competition: The Death Race Vermont

The World's Toughest and Most Sadistic Competition: The Death Race Vermont


The Death Race located in Pittsfield, Vermont is the World's most creative, yet sadistic race or as the New York Times calls it: Survivor meets Jackass. This unconventional competition will test your absolute limits and breaking points both physically and psychologically. As the founder of Peak Race, Joe DeSena says, "The kind of  person that signs up for this race is someone who has no limits. They basically are a lunatic. The person that finishes, is an extroardinary person".





The race is a 24 hour competition that comrpises of the most ridiculous tasks you can think of in addition to absolutely no nutrition. Not only are you running with your own bodyweight, but you are forced to carry heavy objects while sprinting up hills, crawling through cold mud and disgusting water, and while squeezing under barbed wire. No wonder the website link for this race is entitled "".


Anyone "sick" enough for trying this is certainly one of the baddest athletes out there. Not to mention, those who sign up don't do it for the money, recognition, or accolades, but for their own internal feeling of finding out what they are worth, both physically and mentally. Can you handle this badass race? You are required to finish certain tasks by specific tumes, while carrying an ax and a bike frame (with no wheeels, go figure). You have to apply for the race in order to be an entrant (based upon a specific set of criteria from past performances in other events), and in 2009 there were 54 entrants. Take a look below to see what the race is all about and what you have to do within the 24 hour period starting at 4 AM:



Deadline Task Details of What You Must Do Increased Difficulty Total Racers Left
6 AM Tree Stumps  Perform several mud crawls under barbed wire. Go find your designated tree stump. Dig it out of the ground with an ax. You now have to carry the stump for the entire race. 50
8 AM Find A Match Run 3 miles through a rocky creek. Find a single match. Then crawl under barbed wire in the mud for 1/8 mile. Hold onto your match, making sure not to get it wet. You'll need it for later. 36
9:30 AM The Wood Split Use your ax again and split 20 log chunks to make firewood. Then, lug all the wood up a 2,000 foot hill. Don't forget that you have the tree stump, the bike frame, and the ax along with the wood you have to carry up. 33
11:30 AM Memory Game At the top of the hill, you must memorize a list of U.S. Presidents. Then, return to the bottom and recite the names. If you forget the correct order, you must climb back up and do the whole process over again. 33
1 PM Lego Cube You now must study a multicolored Lego Cube. Then, you must crawl under more than a mile of barbed wire. Now you are to retreive the pieces from the pond and reconstruct the cube with the exact color scheme. Forget the cube's color scheme, well, you guessed it. Go back through the barbed wire and start over. 29
3 PM Let the River Run Do a barbed-wire mud crawl. Then run 1.5 miles through a shallow river that is painfully cold. Then find an egg in the hidden grass. Don't forget your carrying things, so you have no free hands to brace yourself from falling off the slippery rocks. 27
6 PM Eat Your Egg Now you must use the match to start a fire and boil the egg in a tin can of water. This is the only food you get to eat all day. If you got that match wet, well you know what to do right? Make a fire, caveman style. 22
8:30 PM Finally Use Your Bike Locate your wheels in the woods. Dive into a pond to find your chain. Assemble the bike, and ride it around the pond for a few seconds. You finally get to use the bike, but are mentally tormented with the fact that you carried it around for miles all day to ride it for a few seconds. 21
4 AM FINISH  Weigh yourself. Carry 20 percent of your weight in rocks up an 1,800 foot hill. Repeat this stunt with water. Then, sprint 2.5 miles to the finish. First place wins $2,000. Second place wins, well...pride. 18




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