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The Top 50 Most Inspirational Sports Commercials Ever

The Top 50 Most Inspirational Sports Commercials Ever


This is a list of the Top 50 Most and Best Inspirational and Motivational Sports Commercials of All Time. These commercials mainly consist of Nike, Gatorade, Adidas, and Under Armour and these big conglomerate sporting companies have produced some incredible, awe-inspiring pieces for us to not only enjoy, but for us to use as motivation. These commercials are so compelling to convince you about what hard work does. There is one common underlying theme in all 50 of these videos: Practice is what creates the legend. Legends aren't born out there in the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the World Series, or any other sporting event, they are made in the gym with hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Muhammad Ali said it best: "The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights." Check out these 50 videos and hopefully they'll inspire you to get your butt moving and actually start doing, not trying.


 #50- Under Armour: "Dedication"

Under Armour/Sports Authority does a good job showing the "behind the scenes work" it takes to become a professional athlete. It's your turn to put in that work. Are you dedicated? Click-Clack.





#49- Nike: Tiger Woods & Earl Woods Commercial

Although this is a quite controversial commercial, it does end up being inspirational. Nike had to do something to turn around the Tiger Woods scandal in a positive light and they needed to do some damage control on the situation if they were to keep their customers after keeping their prized athlete in Tiger. It definitely gets one message across: think before you act! We all make mistakes in life. Some worse than others, but be cognizant of all your situations and try to reflect upon your mishaps to improve upon those past performances in the future.






#48- Nike: Air Jordan "It's Not About The Shoes"

There's something about a commercial with Jordan speaking and piano background music that just makes you want to go out and train! Jordan was the hardest worker out there and he portrays the "work before glory" and "defy critics" attitude wonderfully in his eloquent speeches.





#47- Nike: Inspirational 2010 Nike Ad

Having the Friday Night Lights background music makes this special and this is clearly one of the best speeches ever. At some point in our lives, we were all told we couldn't do this and we shouldn't do that. Isn't it up to us to decide that only after we tried and gave it our all? Until then, be your own advocate.





#46- Nike: 2010 Commercial "Destiny"

There is no such thing as predetermined destiny. You create your own fate. Luck is the moment when preparation meets opportunity. Will you be ready?




 #45- Under Armour: Training

The athletes in this commercial are awesome. Georges St. Pierre and Michael Phelps aren't given too much exposure in terms of their work ethic and this just gives a little glimpse of it.





#44- Adidas: Brute Adidas Wrestling "I'm A Wrestler"

Despite the fact this is a wrestling commercial, you can apply it to any sport. Sometimes we forget about the true passion that goes into the sport before the fame and recognition evolves, before the money is made and the contracts are signed. Before professional sports, kids are playing each of their respective sports for the love of it. They go out there and participate because they get the most enjoyment out of it. They improve because they want to. They practice to get better because of that awful feeling of losing, and how winning is the absolute greatest feeling in the world. A lot of these professional athletes forget that part of the sport and it is quite evident in their contract holdouts and opt-out clauses in their efforts to get a few extra bucks. It's good to see a commercial put that into perspective and highlight the individual sports that don't get much recognition.





#43- Converse: "Fall Down 7. Get Up 8."- Dwyane Wade

Forget basketball. This is all what life is about. You get knocked down, you get your ass up! Dwyane Wade does it best!




#42- Nike: Lance Armstrong "Diagnosis" Commercial

Let's not just think of his admitted drug use. This guy battled through cancer and won the Tour De Frances in 1999-2005. He excelled in a sport where many believed drug use was widespread. He didn't beat cancer with performance enhancing drugs. This guy's prognosis was poor at first and after extensive chemotherapy, won the most Tour De Frances ever! I think enough has been said. His steroid use has been controversial, but regardless, what he did is still impressive in the face of cancer.





#41- Nike: Air Jordan "Seize the Day" Carmelo Anthony

This is an awesome commercial, because it portrays something beyond sports. We have to make excellence a habit. Not only on the court or field, but at home with our family and friends. We have to be the best people that we can possibly be day in and day out, looking to improve just like we would in a sport.





 #40- Adidas: Impossible Is Nothing- Muhammad Ali

The speech is what is compelling here. "Some people listen to themselves, rather than to what others say". That statement alone in the addition to Ali being shown, is awe-inspiring to the fact that we should never, ever back down from a challenge because someone doubted us or told us that we were too weak, stupid, or incapable of amounting to something. Everyone will always look to downplay your strengths and bring up your weaknesses. You are your only critic; you're the only one who can tell you whether you can or cannot.




#39- Nike: Jumpman 23 Melo "Last Shot"

"Why wouldn't I want the last shot, when I know I already made it?" Unbelievable quote. Proper preparation through practice equals the ultimate confidence in your ability.




 #38- Nike: Air Jordan "Simple Math"

At the end of the day, it's all about hard work. "Success is earned".





#37- Nike: Air Jordan "Lead the Charge"

Nike did an awesome job with this commercial. It shows the comeptitiveness in all these guys and the fire that comes with being a great NBA player. It shows that internal motivation is needed to not only make yourself better, but your teammates better as well. That's a leader.






#36- MLB: Beyond Baseball- Joba Chamberlain

Although this was created while Joba was the most dominant setup man in baseball, it still doesn't lose its touch. His father was partially paralyzed and played catch with him every day when he was younger. Now, his son has a World Series Ring. This is incredible motivation to do as much as you can during every day of your life, especially for your kids.






#35- Nike: "War Cry"

The beat of the banging just makes you get chills and want to ACCOMPLISH. This is one of the best hockey commercials by far.






#34- Nike: Lance Armstrong "What Am I On?"

This commercial certainly loses a lot of credibility with Armstrong's admitted drug use. But we need to look at the impact the commercial had when it first came out. At the time, this was an awesome campaign to show how much heat Armstrong faced from outsiders during his reign at the top. Regardless of what side of the fence you are on, this does not in any way disregard his unparalleled work ethic. Armstrong clearly was one of the harder workers in the sport of cycling, with or without PED's, and he is one of the most mentally tough badasses the sports world has ever seen, especially coming back from and battling through cancer. He excelled in a sport where many believed drug use was rampant so his domination can't be questioned.




 #33- Adidas: Impossible is Nothing- Gilbert Arenas

0 minutes. Often what is perceived of you and what you are capable of are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. It's up to you to defy the critics. Will you prove them wrong?






 #32- Adidas: Brute Adidas Wrestling"6 Minutes" Henry Cejudo

For those of you don't know who Henry Cejudo is, he is the youngest man to ever win an Olympic Gold Medal in the world's oldest sport, wrestling. This commercial emphasizes how important it is to put in all the time (as much as humanly possible) to be ready for that one moment...that one moment where you can establish yourself as a champion. Cejudo puts in thousands of hours a training for that one moment. Will you?





#31- Sprite: Kobe Bryant Workout

This commercial is awesome simply because it shows how hard Kobe works to get to the pinnacle of his sport. I don't find it that hard to believe that he has posters of what critics and negative reports said about him to use as motivation and fuel to the fire during his workouts. I doubt it was Sprite that gave him the edge though (just a thought).






#30- Gatorade: G2 Commercial Kevin & Kevin

This commercial is incredible simply because it portrays two themes in one: 1) KG's struggle to make it to the NBA and ultimately, winning a championship; and 2) How professional athletes don't have certain stresses that we have. However, the two themes overlap into a major overall theme that we should all just try to be the best possible people that we can be no matter what. Live to make excellence a habit, whether you're playing for an NBA Championship or at work trying to provide for your kid. Give it your absolute all.






#29- Nike: Air Force Ones "The Second Coming"

As soon as Juelz Santana's absolute best song came on the television, in addition to every major NBA star walking side by side in a line to play basketball in a hangar, you knew this got some serious buzz going.





#28- Adidas: Impossible is Nothing- Conquer Yourself

We're always in a constant struggle to improve upon our past performances. Adidas portrayed this very well here. Always be hungry and never stay satisfied!




 #27- Nike: "Move"

Excelling in a sport requires one thing: action. You're either doing and moving to accomplish your goals or your not. Which side of the fence will you be on?





#26- Nike: "Training"

Anytime you see behind-the-scenes training, it reminds you how much hard work is put into a sepcific endeavor when being great at it. Winning isn't done during the match or competition. It's done during practice. You either put in the time in order to put yourself in a position to win or you don't.





#25- Nike: Nike Zoom Commercial- San Diego Chargers

LaDainian Tomlinson, during that 3 year span during his prime, was probably the best running back we've ever seen. The fact that this exemplifies his vision and anticipation is not so far off from real life. The best athletes in the world put in the time to become experienced enough to be able to anticipate the future and be one step ahead of their opponents. Knowing how your opponent will respond to what you will do is a very important part of being a successful athlete.




#24- Adidas: Impossible Is Nothing- Muhammad Ali vs. Laila Ali

This commercial was well done. Not only because of how they did it, but Laila's speech is awesome. For any of you who followed boxing, this should really resonate with you. Ali was told time and time again how he not only couldn't beat Liston or Foreman, but he would get destroyed by both of them. Ali won both affairs by knockout.





#23- Nike: Air Jordan 1999 Retirement "Backwards"

Although this may seem odd why this is up so high, understand the value of what is portrayed here. When Michael Jordan was a little boy, did you think his friends or teachers or even his family would have imagined what he would have became? Do you think for a second that one person said it's possible and that he should pour his heart and soul into basketball? This commercial allows you to see how grandiose accomplishments are made via small steps and tiny sacrifices here and there. We can all be great in life; whether it's at basketball or accounting, but it's how much time and effort we're willing to put into it that will dictate how great we will become.





 #22- Nike: "I Can"

Bittersweet Symphony is an absolute perfect song to put in the background of a motivational sports campaign. This commercial just gives me chills whenever I see it and makes we want to train, simply because "I can".




#21- Nike: Michael Jordan "Failure"

Perhaps this is Michael's greatest quote. You don't succeed without failure. Anyone who is good at any sport knows that he didn't just snap his fingers and get there on raw talent. It took hard work, lots of defeats, and a lot of torturous moments to get where he is now. Failure is essential to any athlete's success.





 #20- Nike: "What If"

This really makes you think. These professional athletes that are depicted are such highly motivated people that if they put their heart and soul into any other sport and did it from a young age like they did the ones they currently are playing, they could probably compete professionally in any sport they wanted. It goes to show you how an idea and the proper work ethic applied can make you excel at anything you want.





#19- Nike: "A Little Less Hurt"

No one becomes great without failing. But with every practice and every step closer to that ultimate goal, those failures turn into successes.






#18- Nike: "No Excuses"

Just watch the video. You'll think twice about making any excuse ever again.






#17- Nike: Nike Football "Write the Future"

This commercial hit the world with a lot of enthusiasm because of the underlying theme behind it. We control our own destiny. Every decision we make ultimately leads to a future. It's up to us to make that future one worthy of success and greatness.






#16- Nike: Nike Gridiron "I Promise"

Even though absolutely no people are shown during this commercial, Nike did a hell of a job. The speeches, shuffles, and screams during this commercial while the pictorials of the weights, pads, and field are showing, leave a resounding impression on anyone who has ever played a sport before.






 #15- Nike: Jordan "Look Me in The Eyes"

Jordan + Piano Music = PURE MOTIVATION! "I'm scared of what I won't become" and "I know what is within me" are two amazing lines that truly hit our hearts deep. Any great athlete understands the value of "patience" and how important a delay of gratification is necessary to be successful. Things do not happen overnight. Too many times people think that results will just come to them immediately. Success is a gradual process that takes preparation, hard work, and lots of patience. This gradual, slow process is only for the mentally tough. One practice doesn't mean a whole lot to your success, but 1,000's of those individual practices do. In order to get to a 1,000 though, we need 1 + 1 + 1, etc.; we can only get to 1,000 by performing each one individually. The power of one. Is it within you?






 #14- Nike: Pro Combat 2

Prepare for Battle. Nike did it right here. Preparation starts in the gym. Will you be ready when you strap on your gear?







#13- Gatorade: Super Bowl Commercial 2010 "The Journey"

NFL makes a ridiculously inspiring video when they want to. Too bad they don't make more because something about watching these huge, neanderthal guys on the gridiron makes us get that tingly feeling inside. No wonder why football is the most watched sport in America. And there's nothing better than the playoffs. But how many people remember the loser of the AFC or NFC. There is only one champion and "Only One Will Be Remembered".






 #12- Gatorade: What's G?

This commercial was so captivating and clever because of the ambiguity behind it. We all know Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and the big time legends of this era. But what about the others? Maybe you should do some research on past legends. Not to mention, anytime Lil' Wayne comes on, it gets everyone excited. What's G?






#11- NFL Super Ad: Who Wants It More?

As soon as Brian Dawkins comes on and gives the best pre-game speech ever, you knew this commercial was just going to be one of the best ever made. The NFL needs to make it a habit of making more of these, because they just get your heart beating and your mind mentally prepared to train. "Can y'all feel that?"











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