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Home Sport-Specific Sports Entertainment The Top 100 Most Jacked UFC MMA Fighters- Part 2

The Top 100 Most Jacked UFC MMA Fighters- Part 2

The Top 100 Most Jacked UFC MMA Fighters- Part 2




After we made our Top 100 Most Jacked NFL Players list, we have received numerous emails and requests to make a top 100 list for the UFC. After looking through literally every fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, we narrowed the list down to create the top 100 in order of most jacked.

The guys on the list contain a combination of muscle mass and leanness to create a jacked physique. Being that this is very subjective, we created the list based on a combination of criteria including muscular size, vascularity, leanness, proportionality, aesthetics, and rarity of body type. All of these factors contribute equally toward determining the order of the most jacked list. For example, a 230 pound heavyweight who has huge arms but no abs will not do as well on our scale as a 150 lightweight  who is completely ripped all over. However, we do recognize weight differences and the difficulty of maintaining muscle mass and leanness at larger weights, so we will be more forgiving with the lack of vascularity on a 230 pound guy than that of a 150 pounder.

These guys are true workout warriors and athletic freaks with some of the best muscular bodies in sports. With many of these fighters, we provide their workout training routines so be sure to look through Muscle Prodigy to check out how they train. 

We realize that many fighters compete in multiple weight classes. However, we took the weight class that each fighter most recently competed in.

And now we present to you Part 2 of The Top 100 Most Jacked UFC MMA Fighters...



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#90-  Yves Edwards
5'9, 155 lbs.




#89-  Rich Attonito

5'10, 170 lbs.




#88-  Joseph Benavidez

5'4, 135 lbs.





#87-  Dave Herman

6'5, 233 lbs.





#86-  Ross Pearson

5'8, 155 lbs.




#85-  Carlos Eduardo Rocha

5'10, 170 lbs.




#84-  Ruben Duran

5'6, 135 lbs.





#83-   Tyson Griffin

5'6, 148 lbs.





#82-  Matt Serra

5'6, 170 lbs.




#81-  Anderson Silva

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