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The Top 10 Most Inspirational Sports Commercials Ever

The Top 10 Most Inspirational Sports Commercials Ever


This is a list of the Top 10 Most and Best Inspirational and Motivational Sports Commercials of All Time. This is a continuation of Muscle Prodigy's Top 50 Most Inspirational Sports Commercials. These commercials mainly consist of Nike, Gatorade, Adidas, and Under Armour and these big conglomerate sporting companies have produced some incredible, awe-inspiring pieces for us to not only enjoy, but for us to use as motivation. These commercials are so compelling to convince you about what hard work does. There is one common underlying theme in all of these videos: Practice is what creates the legend. Legends aren't born out there in the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the World Series, or any other sporting event, they are made in the gym with hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Muhammad Ali said it best: "The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights." Check out these 50 videos and hopefully they'll inspire you to get your butt moving and actually start doing, not trying.


 #10- Nike: Jordan "Break to Build"

The essence of training: Break to Build. Anytime we hit the gym and pour our bodies and souls into a cause of improving, we put ourselves through hell. We torture ourselves with set after set and sprint after sprint until we feel exhaustion. Then we get up and do it all over again all in an effort to improve. We go through struggles, frustration, and lapses in perfromance all because it makes us better in the end. We've got to break our bodies and minds down to its barest form, so we can build into the best people we can possibly be.





#9- Nike: Michael Jordan "Frozen Moment"

A true classic. Considering that this actually took place during a game goes to show how unbelievable Jordan was. Our memories are just too short. Perhaps we forgot how good he was when we have a tendency to make comparisons and we use the likes of LeBron James who hasn't even proved himself as big of a champion and winner as the Airness. Maybe this Frozen Moment will freeze a memory of him into your brain for a longer period of time than some highlights may have in the past.





#8- Nike: Nike Golf Tiger Woods "Never"

Earl Woods just has that trembling voice that makes you tingle with chills. What a leader this man was. He cultivated the greatest golfer ever (well, that is if he gets out of this rut and plays like his old self to get 5 more Majors). Tiger in his prime was the most dominant sports figure we have ever seen. This man winning 4 Majors in a row just goes to show you how mentally tough he was to be the best.





#7- Gatorade: Lock It Up

Gatorade put together a winning formula with their new campaign that started with the G campaign. The beat and the compilation of practically every great highlight in sports (specifically the 2009 highlights) across a multitude of sports is just awesome to watch in a short 30 second clip. Seeing the incredible catch by David Tyree, the Wade slam, and the Jordan two-handed raise at the end just tops this thing off the right way. Sorry Pats fans, but it had to be said.




#6- Nike: Lebron V Commercial

Seeing Lebron grow old in this commercial makes you think about how hard this dude worked to get to where he is and he exemplifies it in his speech of saying "Nothing about my game is great yet. I still have work to do". It is humbling to hear that and the fact that he says "You want to be better than me" is particularly captivating. We should always strive to be the best in anything we do. We should always pretend to be in the #2 spot gunning to be #1.




#5- Gatorade: The Winning Formula

This is considered one of the best sports commercials ever. It really makes you think "What If?" How the hell did they create this thing?





#4- Nike: Shawn Merriman & Steven Jackson "Leave Nothing"

How the hell did they create this one also? Jackson and Merriman were two awesome figures to pick for this commercial and the whole mantra of "Leave Nothing" with these two warriors doing what they do best for a full 30 seconds each is something that really strikes a chord with us football fans.




#3- Nike: LaDainian Tomlinson & Troy Polamalu "Fate"

The Jay-Z blueprint music in the background just makes this commercial turn from good to amazing. The preordained treatment that is going on here is just inspiring for us to watch. LT & Polamalu are the best in their respective positions and got there by working ridiculously hard from a young age. Their fate was to play in the NFL alongside each other given their hard work ethic in combination with their raw talent.





#2- Nike: Michael Jordan "Let Your Game Speak"

This is a classic commercial. How can one man be so influential to an entire population of kids? Jordan made basketball bigger than a game. He made it a way of life. He turned it into an outlet for all to express their work ethic, discipline, sacrifice, passion, and pride through a game. He turned this game and how you play it to be an extension of who you are and what you should be defined as. He made excellence a habit and he exemplified his passion and love for life and all of its inherent gifts through the game of basketball.






#1 (TIE)- Nike: Lance Armstrong "Driven"

This commercial and the Jordan commercial that follows are in a dead tie. Can't figure out which is better. This commercial centers on cancer and battling back. Let's not focus on his admitted drug use. Lance Armstrong battled back from cancer to be the most legendary sports figure of our time. Perhaps we don't realize how tough one who is plagued with a medical condition has to work to get back to their original form after going through extensive chemotherapy, radiation, and/or intensive open surgery. Lance Armstrong was given a negative prognosis at first after having testicular cancer that eventually spread to his abdomen, lungs, and brain. Not only did he beat the critics to survive, but he won the Tour De France 3 years after his surgery and continued to win from 1999 to 2005. Nike exemplified the fact that people can use sports as an outlet to help them get through tough times in life; pushing during that extra hard set in the gym and pushing through those last 30 yards in your sprint is going to prepare you for the future, not just in sports, but in life. God forbid you're tested with a medical condition. How will you respond? Are you going to fight it head on and attack the belly of the beast with a particular passion and incessant vigor that will set you free? Will you have the ammunition and the fuel in your tank to do so? Will you have the memory of being at that breaking point where you feel like you can't go on, but something compels you to push past those once called barriers? Will you be able to say "No, I will not be defeated. I will not succumb, because I've been here before and I'll be able to push through again."? Actions speak louder than words. Lance didn't talk a big game; he acted upon his belief. Even though he hurt many people with his now admitted drug use and may of ruined lives with his unforgivable lies to many, his commercial is still impactful for many people, especially cancer survivors. Although the athlete Lance Armstrong may have little meaning now, the cancer survivor Lance Armstrong certainly still does. Steroids didn't help him battle through cancer; it was his will and he used sports as an outlet to bring meaning to cancer survivors worldwide. How will you make the most out of your day?





#1 (TIE)- Nike: Michael Jordan "Maybe It's My Fault"

This is one of the most inspiring speeches ever given and is truly the best campaign that Nike and Air Jordan delivered. It really hits home about how hard Jordan worked to get to the pinnacle of success. The determination he had to succeed even when he failed is something that we can truly appreciate. However, it is often forgotten how hard one must work to get to where he or she is now. We often shrug off these professional athletes as having God-given ability and raw athleticism and that was it. No. They got there because, although they had some better genetics than others, they honed in on their skills and worked on them every single day to get to the top. Hard work beats talent every time that talent doesn't work hard.





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