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The Top 10 Hottest Sports Reporters

The Top 10 Hottest Sports Reporters


Seeing all of the hot reporters at the ESPY's last night got me thinking… who are the hottest and sexiest reporters with the best face, body & ass in the world? Well, after much deliberation and searching I've come to a very HOT conclusion. While looks are very important, I also took on-screen personality into consideration when choosing my Top-10. Here's a break down of my ranking system. The perfect reporter has to have a hot face, a slammin' bod, and a sexy voice/on-screen personality. I grade each category on a 10 point scale, which adds up to a total of 30 points. If one of the reporters breaks out of the "reporter" mold, for example, has either the hottest voice/body/face I've EVER heard/seen… I give them a bonus point. Enjoy. I warn you though… these woman are GORGEOUS and just have the nicest bodies I have ever seen.




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10. Sara Carbonero



Blurb: Probably the most exotic looking of the mentioned reporters, Sara’s gorgeous dark features land her at number 8. She’s Adriana Lima’s Doppelganger.

Bio: Sara Carbonero Arévalo is a well known Spanish TV reporter for Telecinco. In July 2009, Sara was voted "The Sexiest Reporter in the World" by FHM.

Body: 6/10: Thin Body… a little too thin for our liking. Get some meat on dem bones.

Face: 11/10: Gorgeous; Exotic; Perfect; Mouthwatering!

Voice: 8/10: Average;

Total: 24/30

Marry or One Night Stand:
One Night Stand.







9. Melanie Collins




Blurb: As a recent college graduate, Melanie has climbed the ranks of reporters and will most likely climb up this list in the future. She’s Hot, she’s young, and she’s number 8.

Bio: Starting out as a network reporter for both Penn State and Accuweather, Melanie has made the transition to the NBA and college football, anchoring ‘Big 10 Tonight’ and ‘Big 10 Tailgate’.  Melanie also does freelance work on E!.

Body: 9/10: Solid Core… she’s just a little young, I like my women to be aged like a 1980 French Bordeaux; Perky body;

Face: 8/10: She’s pretty, not drop dead gorgeous… My guess is she’ll get even hotter as she ages.

Voice: 8/10: It does the job.

Total: 25/30:

Marry or One Night Stand:
  One Night Stand.










8. Jillian Arrington



Blurb: She reminds me of this 1980s mega pornstar... I’m not sure what her name is… but damn was she hot.  Jill also has a Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instincts’ look going for her. Long blonde hair, LARGE assets, and the MILF factor, land Jill in the number 8 spot.

Bio:  Daughter to former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Rick Arrington, Tiffany "Jill" Arrington graduated from University of Miami with a Journalism degree and launched her career as a producer on the show Main Floor before she finally followed her passion into sports. Jill's looks and brains landed her a sideline reporting job with FOX sports, ESPN, and Arena Football. In 2001, Playboy donned her as the sexiest sportscaster in the world. She also was host of NFL Under the Helmet, Arena Football League's Pregame Show and took several jobs throughout varying networks during her career. Arrington also has landed top endorsements such as Nike and Zima; and is currently hosting Totally Nascar, College Football Saturday Preview, and Verizon NFL Mobile Updates. Maxim even ranked her #48 on the Hot 100 Women list of 2002. What can't she do?

Body: 10/10; Busty; Long Legs; Tight Butt;

Face: 8/10; Very sharp features; Seductive eyes; Long Blond hair; Brilliant blue eyes;

Voice: 7/10; Nothing wrong with it… just didn’t do anything for us;

Total: 25/30
Marry or One Night Stand:
This broad looks like she could cook a good meal, we’re going to wife her up.


Jill Arrington




7. Jillian Reynolds




Blurb: Although she’s smokin’ her hyper on-air personality becomes a bit annoying…  and even sometimes unbearable. Her rack, legs, and MILF-status make her a mega-hottie.

Bio: Jillian Reynolds, AKA Jillian Barbarie is best known for her stints on Fox NFL Sunday, with Howie, Terry and the gang.  She’s also been the host of a ton of other television shows. 

Body: 10/10: Ripped abs; Big boobs; Tight butt;

Face: 9/10:  Sharp features; long hair; seductive eyes;

Voice: 4/10: Honestly I put the TV on mute when she comes on air.  Let’s just say she’s not on TV for her amazing broadcasting abilities. She is straight up eye candy.

Total: 25/30

Marry or One Night Stand:
Duct tape her mouth shut… then ask me.







6. Carrie Milbank



Blurb: Carrie looks like a super hot sorority girl… ie. not the kind of girl you bring home to your parents, but the kind of girl you bring to the basement of your frat house. She’s hot. She’s very, very hot.

Bio: Born and raised in Texas, Carrie Milbank, started out entertaining fans as a Houston Texan Cheerleader.  Voted as the teams MVP two years in a row, she was discovered by NFL films in 2003 to co-host several television shows.  In 2005, she produced wrote and hosted the show ‘Hot On’ for NBC, before making a come back the NFL network in 2006. Now she is host of the’s ‘The Hockey Show’ .

Body: 10/10: Tight Core; Perky Boobs;

Face: 10/10: Amazing  dark features; Gorgeous Dimples;

Voice: 6/10; Annoying hand gestures;

Total: 26/30

Marry or One night Stand:
One night stand.






5. Shana Hiatt



Blurb: Her gorgeous face and voluptuous body land her at number 6. 

Bio: Miss Hawaiian tropic USA 1995 has modeled for numerous magazines such as Playboy. She was a guest host of Wild On! on the E! Network, and has appeared in movies such as ‘Must Love Dogs’, and ‘Grandma’s Boy’. She’s best known for hosting the first three seasons of the world poker tour on the Travel channel and went to poker after dark on NBC. Although she’s on a maternity leave, this hottie with a body has not been forgotten.

Body: 8/10: Tight core; Perky chest;

Face: 11/10: GORGEOUS features; Tight skin; Button nose; Seductive as HELL;

Voice: 7/10: Eh.

Total: 26/30

Marry or One night stand:
Marry. She’d make a good wife, right after she loses all of your money on the poker tables. But seriously, could you imagine waking up to that face every morning?





4. Inez Sainz


Blurb: There are girls that are lookers… and then there are girls who are LOOKERS. Inez is a hot as they come.  I’d say she’s tied for second with Erin… but seeing a leaked nude pic of Erin on the internet put her on top.  If Inez ran for president… I’d vote for her.


This librarian wants to put his books on that shelf.


Bio: Inez is best known for two things. 1. She was “allegedly” sexually harassed in the Jets locker room. 2. She’s got the hottest ass I’ve ever seen. Sorry Kim K.

Body:  11/10. LOOK AT THAT BUTT. SMOKE SHOW. How is an athlete supposed to focus when she’s standing on the sideline. I’d rather become an athlete for the chance to score with her than the payday.

Face: 7/10. Hot, but not as hot as Erin or Leeann.

Voice: 9/10. It’s got sex appeal.

Total: 27/30.

Marry or One Night Stand: Purely One Night Stand.,+INEZ+V.jpg






3. Erin Andrews



Blurb: Erin Andrews. ‘Nuff said. She’s a bona fide bombshell. Is she annoying? Yes. Oh god is she annoying… but boy  can wear the hell out of tight jeans.

Bio: Erin Andrews epitomizes the term ‘Hot Reporter’. Her scandalous strut and her maximum voluptuousness land her at the number 2 spot.  And obviously, us “PEEP”-le know what she’s most famous for.

Body: 10/10: Her body is just perfect. Small waist, BIG butt, BIG boobs, SLENDER thighs….  It’s a no brainer.

This picture shouldn’t even be legal.
Face: 10/10: Sharp features; Sexy golden hair.

Voice: 6/10: Meh… she’s got this annoying overachiever personality that is only made worse by her voice.

Total Score: 28/30

One Night Stand or Marry:
One Night Stand. I could get over her annoyingness… but for now… she’s leaving in the morning.








2. Lisa Dergan


Blurb: She’s got ‘naughty girl’ written all over her face. This is the kind of girl you pray that you meet. Daddy likes. This may be the most attractive girl I've ever seen, forget just sports reporters.

Bio: This 1998 Playboy playmate of the month has made her way into the world of sports casting. She joined Fox Sports Network in 2002, interviewing Tiger Woods, John Elway, and Chuck Liddell. Try and tell me that Tiger didn’t maul this girl.

Body:  9/10: Long Legs; Perky chest;

Face: 10/10: She’s  got sex appeal written all over her face… tell me you wouldn’t snap your neck if she walked passed you on the street!

Voice: 8/10: We’ve heard sexier

Total: 27/30

Marry or One Night Stand: I’m not sure on this one… I’d say get married… and then probably get divorced a few months later… she looks like a seductress.





1. Leeann Tweeden




Blurb: Oh merciful lord… We asked for bread and butter, and you gave use an all you can eat sushi buffet. crafted by the gods themselves, Leeann Tweeden CRUSHES the competition, placing her smack down in first place.   Forget about reporters… Leeann might be one of the hottest women in the world.

Gentlemen, feast your eyes.

Bio: Best known for being a part of the round table on ‘The Best Damn Sports Show Period’… before being replaced by Charissa Thompson. Now she is the current host of a poker show on TV…  she’s redefining the meaning of  “All-In”.  What a SMOKESHOW.

Body: 11/10: The curves, skin tone, hair, and butt… oh yeah and her bodacious mammary glands, make her the perfect 10.

Face: 10/10: Smooth classic features combined with her seductive eyes  and gorgeous angles give her a perfect score. Perfect Dimples.
Voice: 10/10: How can you really score the voice of an angel.

Total Score: 31/30

One Night Stand or Marry: Both… this is one girl who doesn’t need to leave after she makes me eggs and does the dishes…  am I right fellas? MARRY ME Leeann.









Runners Up: Kristen Berset, Melissa Stark





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