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Home Sport-Specific Sports Entertainment The Top 10 Funniest Sports Moments Ever

The Top 10 Funniest Sports Moments Ever

The Top 10 Funniest Sports Moments Ever

Here are the Top 10 Most Hilarious, Funniest Sports Moments Caught on Film - featuring athlete rants like Shaquille O'Neal, Jim "Chris" Everett, and Mike Tyson and coach rants like Mike Gundy, Dennis Green, and Jim Mora. These videos are guaranteed to get you rolling on the floor laughing your ass off. We guarantee it.

These are the top 10 funniest sports moments in order:

#10- Shaq Freestyle Dissing Kobe

Shaquille O'Neal took the mic at a NYC club here, unleashing a freestyle verbal assault directed at Kobe Bryant. The name of the song is "Tell me how my ass tastes". Shaq blames Kobe for losing in the NBA playoffs and for ruining his marriage by ratting him out.





#9- Chris Berman Rant

Chris Berman does not realize that he is still on Live Television when he goes on a crazy rant on set. I'm sure none of us took him for the curser, but this reveals his true colors when his blood boils.





#8- Peyton Manning Outburst

Peyton Manning, who is arguably the best quarterback of all time, also has quite a bit of a temper sometimes. Like everyone, Peyton loses his cool and the cameras just happened to catch him in the act. "Damnit Donald".






#7- Jim Mora Press Conferences- "Playoffs?" & "We Sucked"

Jim Mora, when he was head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints, had a few press conferences that were absolutely hilarious. His Playoffs tirade is perhaps the most famous press conference of all time and most recognized Coors commercial to this date.






#6- Mike Tyson Compilation

Mike Tyson is perhaps the most colorful man in all of sports history. The interviews he had with multiple members of the media have ingrained his place in history as the most entertaining and funny athlete and boxer of all time.







#5- Kellen Winslow's I'm a F*ckin Soldier

Following a 2003 University of Miami loss to the University of Tennessee Volunteers, Winslow went on a tirade. The funniest part about this is he tries to hold his composure and not curse throughout the entire conference, and then lets out one major one at the end that makes this great! What was all this over? Well, during a sweep play for Miami's Devin Hester, Winslow blocked two Volunteers, effectively taking both defenders out of the play. After the block, Winslow stood over both players and taunted injured Tennessee defensive back Corey Campbell. When questioned during the media session following the game, Winslow admitted that he had known Campbell was injured but did not care because he's a "soldier".





#4- Mike Gundy Outburst at Oklahoma State

Coach Gundy shows how upset he is after the win over Texas Tech in which the comments were about what was in a newspaper about one of his quaterbacks.  "I'm a man. I'm 40. Come after me!" You tell those kids Gundy.






#3- Dennis Green Flips Out at a Press Conference

Arizona Cardinal Coach Dennis Green has an absolute meltdown after losing to the Chicago Bears when they had 23-3 lead in the 4th quarter. But "The Bears were who they thought they were". If you want to crown them after that then "crown their ass".






#2- Shaq Curses on Live TV After Frustrations with Officiating
Shaquille O'Neal has one of the most active mouths in the history of the NBA and usually it's all in good humor. He is a very comedic guy, however, here Shaq lost his temper and didn't think before he spoke. Because of the incident, he was suspended for only one game without pay for this incident, getting off practically scot-free.





#1- Jim "Chris" Everett and Jim Rome on Talk2

Rome gained special notoriety for this incident which appeared on his ESPN2 show Talk2 in 1994 when his guest was NFL quarterback Jim Everett. Rome had previously referred to Everett as "Chris" (as in Chris Evert, the female tennis player), suggesting that Everett was "soft" and often shied away from hits. Appearing as a guest on the show, Everett warned Rome about repeating the insult, and when Rome doesn't listen, well you'll see what happens...This situation never resulted in a lawsuit for either party.


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