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The Top 10 Biggest Freaks in College Football

The Top 10 Biggest Freaks in College Football


We got to give credit to Bruce Feldman of ESPN for coming out with the original list. However, Muscle Prodigy evaluated his list and made a new one with whom we deem as the true freaks. I got no idea how Feldman could leave out the biggest beast, Trent Richardson! Here’s our updated list of whom we deem as college football’s biggest freaks.


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#1-  Trent Richardson

RB, Alabama Crimson Tide

5’11, 220 lbs.




Weighing at only 220 lbs. with 6% body fat, Richardson bench presses 475 pounds, squats 600 pounds and power cleans over 365 pounds. Richardson is so freakishly strong that his strength and conditioning coach will not let him go heavier than that for fear of injury, saying "The last thing I need to do is mess this kid up.” The Alabama strength staff actually stopped him on the bench press because they didn’t want him to go too heavy. “They didn’t want me straining anything,” Richardson explained. “But I wonder what I could do for real.” He wasn’t allowed to go higher than 600 pounds on squats! Richardson was the state of Florida’s weightlifting champion back in high school so he knows what it’s truly like to be strong and a freak. This is the most ripped up guy we may ever see on the college football field. In addition to just being strong, Richardson runs a a 4.4 second 40 time, a 10.4 second 100 meter run, and has a 36” vertical jump.


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#2-  Jeff Demps

RB, Florida Gators

5’7, 191 lbs.



Demps can blow past just about any defensive player, known by many as the fastest man in all of college sports (not just college football). He has the chance to make the 2012 London Olympics as a sprinter. Before enrolling at Florida, Demps shared the world 100-meter junior record with a time of 10.01, which earned him a spot at the 2008 U.S. Olympic trials. Since becoming a Gator, he clocked two 10-second 100-meter times (both were wind-aided), and he has continued to get even faster. Gators strength coach Mickey Marotti now considers Demps as “probably a 9.8 {second} guy,” noting that he has really improved on his acceleration.






#3-  Dorian Graham

WR, Syracuse Orange

5’10, 185 lbs.



A former defensive back, Graham uses his speed and explosiveness as a special teams standout for the Orange. At just 5-10 and 185 pounds, Graham hang-cleans 341 pounds, benches 405 and squats 525. His body fat, according to SU coaches, is a shredded 4.3 percent. "Statistically, he's off the charts," says Orange head coach Doug Marrone. "The guy can almost power-clean twice his body weight and ran an electronic 4.31 40."







#4-  Doug Martin

RB, Boise State Broncos

5’9, 215 lbs.


They say big things come in small packages and Doug Martin exemplifies that. The 5’9 Martin, known by his teammates as the “Muscle Hamster”, has the most impressive stats in the Boise State program with a 530-pound squat, 405-pound bench press, a 374-pound hang clean, and a 40 time of 4.42 seconds. He also vertical jumps 37 inches and did 28 reps on the 225-pound bench press.






#5-  Julian Burnett

LB, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

5’10, 222 lbs.



Burnett is very undersized for the type of position and formation he plays; yet he acts like the biggest guy on the field. The undersized Yellow Jackets linebacker cracked the starting lineup by Game 5 last season and still managed to lead the team in tackles. Oh, and who can forget his 600-pound squat, 350-pound power clean and 460-pound bench to go along with that. Tech coach Paul Johnson calls Burnett a "heat-seeking missile". We wonder why!






#6-  Michael Ford
RB, LSU Tigers
5’10, 202 lbs.


At just over 200 lbs., Ford almost tops Trent Richardson as the nation’s pound for pound strongest player and biggest freak. The 5’10 Ford currently benches 435 pounds, power cleans 352 pounds, and squats 555 pounds. Not to mention, a 4.41 40 time and a 11-foot-2-inch broad jump topped the LSU program.  Tigers strength coach Tommy Moffitt, who had worked at Miami, believes that Ford reminds him of former Hurricanes star Andre Johnson in the weight room.





#7-  Jadeveon Clowney
Defensive End, South Carolina Gamecocks
6’6. 254 lbs.

You simply can’t ignore the freakish ability of this 18 year old. He had 162 tackles, 29 ½ sacks, 11 forced fumbles and five defensive touchdowns during his high school senior season, all while getting double and tripled teamed. This 6’6, 254 pound #1 overall high school recruit can run a blistering 4.48 40-yard dash and can power clean over 300 pounds, all with a vertical leap of 36 inches. Scouts have compared him to Javon Kearse for his physically imposing build. Clowney is considered one of the greatest high school football prospects ever. Can anyone say #1 pick of the 2014/2015 NFL Draft?






#8-  Brandon Boudreaux

DE/LB, Troy Trojans

6’1, 239 lbs.



Boudreaux may give Stephen Paea a run for his money when it comes to Paea’s record 49 repetitions on the 225-pound bench press at the 2011 NFL Combine. Boudreaux is so freakishly strong that he benches 225 pounds for 44 reps with even more room to spare! Strength coach Richard Shaughnessy says Boudreaux has done close to 50 reps before. At only 239 lbs., Boudreaux can realistically break Paea’s mark, doing so with 60 pounds less bodyweight. Not only is he a true muscle man, but also Boudreaux broad jumps 10 foot 5 inches and can run a 40 yard dash in 4.6 seconds.





#9-  Justin Hunter

WR, Tennessee Volunteers

6’4, 200 lbs.



Justin Hunter has a 26 foot long jump and a blazing 4.3 40 time. Last season, he averaged 26 yards a catch as a true freshman., which just shows the type of damage this man can do with his legs. In Hunter’s first game of this season, he racked up 6 catches, 146 yards and a TD, catching an 81-yard bomb. Hunter is a distinguished long jumper, who competed in the 2010 USA Outdoor Championships an qualified for IAAF World Junior Championships. Track & Field News rates him the nation's No. 3 long jumper (25-3 3/4"), No. 7 high jumper (7-2) and No. 14 triple jumper (49-5).






#10-  Pat O’Donnell

Punter, Cincinnati Bearcats

6’5, 217 lbs.



A punter, really? Well any punter that has a 355-pound bench and broad-jumps 9-2 deserves to make the list. Not to mention, standing at a lean 6’5, 217 lbs. His 1.53 second 10-yard split is actually faster than Jeff Demps time. The only punter more impressive than him may actually be MMA fighter and former Pittsburgh Panthers punter Dave Brytus. Gotta give this man props! Why is he not playing another position?




Honorable Mention

Dan Persa

QB, Northwestern Wildcats
6’1, 210 lbs.


Any quarterback that can do a 520-pound squat, 360-pound bench and 310-pound power clean deserves to make it on this list. His 4.5 40 yard dash isn’t too shabby either…




Source: Bruce Feldman, ESPN Insider

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