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Home Nutrition Fat Loss The Three Basic Guidelines For Simple Fat Loss Eating

The Three Basic Guidelines For Simple Fat Loss Eating

The Three Basic Guidelines For Simple Fat Loss Eating

Let's talk about eating properly and how simple it really is when being lean and in great physical condition is the goal.


The hugest factors that you could do, to improve your eating, what would those things be? With the dieting, if you don't want to figure out the formulas, I would just ballpark it and do 12 times your body weight for total calories. That's a really good baseline for intake if you're going with the fat loss route. Add maybe 200 calories onto that and you're not going to be losing weight as fast. From there I would zigzag around that total just so that I didn't get all super paranoid everyday about what I was eating and just to make it so that it would fit into my lifestyle.


Once you have the calorie totals, what should you be eating inside those calorie totals? Everything I'm telling you right now is a ballpark, middle of the road, works for everybody type of strategy. There are tons of ways to tweak this and muddle around with it, but that's something that you would do, say, in one-on-one coaching. That would be something for that when you're doing really close work with a client, but 12 times body weight for calories. How much protein? One gram per pound of body weight and for fat 20-25% of your daily caloric total.


The remaining is usually given to carbs. That's the area that you really mess around with, because it depends on if the person an athlete, are they very active, are they have fast metabolisms. You'll know if you have a fast metabolism if you can eat lots of fruit and seem to get away with eating Oh Henry bars and stuff like that. So depending on the person and lifestyle, that's why you have to play with that. Sometimes when someone's really carb sensitive he might up the fat more and drop the carbs down a little bit or if you're going into a really big cutting phase you might want to dabble in the Ketogenic diets which is like Atkins and and other low carb stuff like that.


Generally you just fill up the rest with carbohydrates and you try to make them as complex as possible, meaning vegetables, progressing into simplicity the more lean you are with starches and fruits and if you want to take it a step further taper the easier to assimilate carbs off towards evening though, getting rid of them, so you keep fruit and stuff like that at the beginning part of the day or after a workout. Then by the time you're doing supper and after supper you're working on basically salads and peas and bell peppers and things like that. Besides the fact of how that affects your insulin levels and stuff like that, you'll be getting way more nutrients in your diet, so you'll be recovering better, your body will be working better, aches and pains go away, toxins get flushed out. I think that should pretty much round it up for you.


Now if you just eat within these basic recommendations, you will see incredible results just from this without starving yourself or doing anything hard and crazy.




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