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The Strongest Man in the NFL

The Strongest Man in the NFL


Except for Bengals fans, NFL fans probably never heard of Chris Pressley. Pressley was featured on the HBO series Hard Knocks back in 2009. His football story is impressive, but his personal life is even more impressive. He's a graduate of Wisconsin with a perfect 4.0 GPA. He came from a poor background in New Jersey and was raised by a single mom. He didn't even have proper cleats until he got to college. He eventually was signed to the Bengal's practice squad and worked his way up to become the starting fullback of the Bengals, where he helps with lead blocking efforts for the running game. 





The 5'11, 260 lb. Pressley may not have a hall of fame career on the football field but he certainly reached legendary status in the weight room. At 19 years old, Pressley did 9 reps of 610 lbs. on the squat (video below). Pressley can max squat 770 pounds and bench press 225 pounds 36 times, which equates to about a 650 pound bench press. This is probably the strongest man in the NFL, if not, one of the top 10. Imagine the power behind his blocks. Cedric Benson must be happy. 







Pressley might be one of the strongest players in the NFL, but unfortunately, he doesn't sport that impressive jacked physique. However, 3 of his Bengals teammates made the list of the Top 100 Most Jacked NFL Players. Check them out below.





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#99- Jordan Shipley
Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals
6'0, 188 lbs.
Feat of Strength/Workout: 36.5" vertical leap









#62- Thomas Howard
Linebacker, Cincinnati Bengals
6'3, 240 lbs.
Feat of Strength/Workout: 4.42 sec. 40 yard dash, 39" vertical leap








#26-  Taylor Mays
Safety, Cincinnati Bengals
6'3, 230 lbs.
Feat of Strength/Workout: 24 reps of 225 lb. bench press, 4.43 sec. 40 yard dash time, 41" vertical leap








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