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Home Sport-Specific Sports Entertainment The Ruffo Brothers are the Future of MMA

The Ruffo Brothers are the Future of MMA

The Ruffo Brothers are the Future of MMA


Are the Ruffo Brothers the future of MMA and UFC? Well, it sure looks like it...

The fastest growing organized sports entertainment company has been the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). When I was growing up, classmates of mine wanted to be Emmitt Smith, or Michael Jordan. They dreamed of hitting a home run like Mark McGwire or scoring a game winning goal like Wayne Gretzky. Today, things have changed. The Ruffo brothers, the latest “athletes” sponsored by Tapout (the fight gear company sponsorship of the UFC), have traveled a new road in the path of dreaming to be a professional athlete while growing up. Eight and Nine Year old Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo have been practicing martial arts since they began to walk, preparing to etch themselves in UFC history. They know that in order to prepare their bodies and minds for the kind of brutality, physical toughness, and mental composure that the UFC requires, they need to start their preparation at a very young age. By consequence, they have a detailed schedule with workouts in the morning, followed by a full day of school, and finishing with hours of practice at night.

We've all been exposed to the benefits that physical activity plays in one's physical appearance and mental outlook. In today's times, obesity haunts more than half of children under the age of ten, and playing sports can help combat this pervasive epidemic. But, FIGHTING? Is this solution as an outlet to prevent obesity going to create more problems in terms of violence? Most children grow up participate in karate. Parents are enticed by the constant physical activity involved as well as discipline taught in the sport of karate and it doesn't include the violence that this sport exposes. Well, the proper terminology is mixed martial arts and it takes more discipline, dedication, and sacrifice than any sport out there- lessons in life that prepare one to be the best lawyers and doctors out there. While the sport itself is brutal when you are exposed to the octagon on fight night on television, the fight night doesn't do the sport justice in terms of the practice and preparation involved. The work ethic in terms of the preparation, hard work, guts, and devotion to the mere principle that you will not be defeated teaches one everything he needs to know in life for the future to becoming the best person that they can be. The sport of pugilism teaches one about themselves more than any other sport can teach. It helps one close in on the vulnerabilities exposed within their character, helping to patch up one's faults while building upon their mental development. This sport is not for the common man, but for the elite group of people out there who want more out of themselves on a daily basis; to better themselves as an individual and by extension, the lives of those who they are surrounded by.

The Ruffo children look to have unbelievable role models at their side, a loving father, hall of fame UFC fighters, and most importantly, each other, to help them not only get through the rigors of training, but to get through the demands that life brings upon them. The Ruffo children have taken MMA as their outlet to help them be the best people that they can be.

I have played sports all my life from the pee wee level up to the collegiate level. Currently in law school, it is exciting to hear that the main focus for the Ruffos is using their skill to obtain a college degree. Their father sees the big picture here, which many don’t. In sports like baseball and soccer, contracts are offered at young ages, and many families fall a victim to making poor decisions in letting their children miss out on a proper education. The Ruffo’s look as if they will not make that same mistake. Mixed Martial arts will open many doors for these children including the possibility of collegiate wrestling.

Watching these guys wrestle is unbelievable. The skill level they have is like none I have ever seen not only at that age, but even by middle school and some high school wrestlers.

Well, what makes them so good? The Ruffo brothers know that chain wrestling is what separates a good wrestler from a great wrester. The Ruffo brothers have exploited this technique to become pinnacle athletes in their sport. Chain wrestling is the ability for a wrestler to perform one move directly after another. It is the ability to react to a situation and take the opportunities that are given within what is known as a scramble for position. Chain wrestling is the uncanny ability to know that one move is not enough, but that a succession of moves, one right after the other (i.e.- high crotch straight to a double directly to an outside single), is what will get you the takedown, and the victory.

To become a good chain wrestler the individual needs practice more than anything. Gaining the ability to react quickly only comes through proper preparation and hours in the gym. These little guys look like they are getting tons of exactly that. I look forward to watching these two on a collegiate wrestling mat a decade from now, and quite frankly, I am scared for their opponents. However, what's more important is the message behind their path to be UFC stars. Not only will they become role models themselves in helping young teens be more active to fight obesity, but that education always comes first. Role models can be labeled at any age. The Ruffo brothers are making their mark.



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