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The Real and Correct Way to Do Squats- How To Get Muscular Legs and Lower Body

The Real and Correct Way to Do Squats- How To Get Muscular Legs and Lower Body

Squats suck. Every time I think about them, my head hurts. Regardless, they are the most important exercise to do for legs. Hell, they are the best exercise to do…period. Squats build extreme mass and size on your legs; they enable you to work every dimension of your legs. Not only that they work your upper body as well to stabilize that weight. They build strong traps and a sturdy core: you need your traps to hold the barbell and your core to stabilize the weight. Nevertheless, remember some simple yet imperative advice: do ASS TO THE GRASS squats. If you only go half-way, you are not only a pussy, but your legs will not grow to its fullest potential. Form always trumps weight for maximal muscle growth. If you cannot go all the way down, then lower the weight and do it. Here’s how to do the perfect squat to ensure maximal growth in your soon-to-be tree trunks for legs.


1)   Step back out from the rack with the weight on your back and look straight ahead without any movement in your neck or head. Take in a few deep breaths at the top.

2)   Just before you lower your body to squat, stick your ass out and in one fluid motion try to envision yourself sitting on an invisible chair. Sit back into it by sticking your butt out first at the initial phase of the movement. Hold your breath on the way down and keep the weight on your heels. Sit back into it by sticking your butt out first.  The way to test if you are leaning back far enough is if you feel it in your hamstrings more than you are used to and if your knees don’t come past your toes. This is a good indicator. If you feel it more in your quads, you are bending forward too much. This will be more beneficial to your knees and your joints as well. Furthermore, this is the safest way to perform a squat in case you fall or trip. If you are leaning forward, it can come crashing down on your neck.

3)   Keep looking straight and lower your butt ALL THE WAY DOWN until the top of your thighs (not the bottom) are parallel to the floor. Make sure that your back is straight throughout the entire movement.

4)   Do not bounce your knees up, but rather spring up in one fluid motion to the top while exhaling forcefully; head looking forward (not up and certainly not down) with your traps and abdominals tight and back straight throughout the whole movement.

I have been doing legs for years but I have honestly failed to gain the size and strength in them, especially through my squat throughout my early years of training. After experimenting with various leg workouts, there is NOTHING better than to start your workout with extreme high rep training. For example, if you can do 225 pounds for 8-10 reps, start your workout at 135 pounds for 50 reps. Here’s some useful advice: Envision doing 50 reps at once as 10 reps broken up into 5 sets. When you’re done with the first 10 reps, hold at the top, take in a couple of deep breaths, focus, and repeat. This is an effective mind trick. Doing 10 reps broken down into 5 sets seems easier than doing one huge set of 50. It really does work and I encourage you to try it. After you do 50 reps in your first set, your legs have the biggest pump in them that they feel like they are going to explode. After that first grueling set, gradually lift heavier. At the end of your squat workout, perform one last set of 30 reps using the same weight you did with the 50 reps during your first set. Your legs will go through exponential growth from this high-rep breakthrough.

Additionally, squats should hold as the foundation of your leg workout. You should do at least a quarter of your leg routine with some kind of form of squats. No other leg workout will enable you to achieve your goals like that of the good old squat. Squats may seem like hell but the feeling after you are done with them is nothing short of an unbelievable sense of relief and accomplishment.

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