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The Most Effective Pectoral Exercises For Huge And Shredded Pecs

The Most Effective Pectoral Exercises For Huge And Shredded Pecs


Whether you simply want to trim the fat, firm up your chest and get rid of the "man boob" look, or your goal is to build jaw dropping muscular pecs, then you absolutely must be performing the most effective pectoral exercises on a regular basis. Sure hitting the gym in an haphazard fashion and randomly performing Pec exercises with no clear plan of attack, will allow you to achieve some level of success.

However if you really want to build thick muscular pecs that you can be proud of, then you need to plan your workouts around most effective pec exercises and forget about the laundry list of crappy pec exercises.

Regardless of what body-part you want to focus your attention on, I always believe that you are a lot better off in the long run sticking with the pec exercises that allow you to workout with heavy weights through a complete range of motion that incorporates muscles from multiple muscle groups. In the case of chest training, I like to focus on the fundamental chest presses that involves the muscles of the shoulder and pectoralis major at the same time, and sometimes even the lats.

I really think that you get more muscle stimulation training this way than you would by isolate each muscle fiber. If you try to lift for chest growth by focusing on isolation movements that don't work in your deltoids, you get to a point where you just chant get your pecs to grow because you're training with very light weights.

Listed below are my choices for the most effective chest exercises. Learn how to perform each of these chest exercises with correct form and start utilizing them in all of your chest workouts. You will begin to feel a nearly instant difference in the size and strength of you chest, and after a few weeks of real effort, everyone will start to take notice of your bigger, stronger chest muscles.



My Favorite Pectoral Exercises

1. The Bench Press -
This is the universal grandfather of all pec exercises. Stimulating muscles from your chest, deltoids and triceps this basic pec exercise will help you pack on some serious chest muscle fast!

To perform the flat bench press - Lie on your back on a flat exercise bench with your butt in contact with the bench and your feet flat on the ground. Grab the barbell with your hands spaced slightly wider than shoulder width in an overhand grip. Lower the bar in a slow and controlled manner until it's located just below your nipples. push your arms up while pushing the weight until the bar is in the starting position.



2. The Incline Press - The incline press is another timeless (and extremely effective) chest exercise that will help you get your pecs into amazing shape. the incline press works the muscles in your chest and shoulders.

To perform the barbell incline press: Sit on an inclined bench set to between 45 and 60 degrees. I personally like to lower the angle of the bench even lower to somewhere between 35 and 40 degrees because it allows me to train with much heavier weights than I can train with if the angle of the bench is steeper. Just give this pec exercise a try and see what works best for you..

Grab the barbell with an overhand grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width. Lower the bar in a slow and controlled manner to the top of your chest. Make sure that your back and butt stay in contact with the bench during the entire exercise. Press the weight up until the bar is back in the starting position. Make sure to avoid any aching in your back during this exercise.



3. Dips And Weighted Dips - When performed properly weighted dips are one of the most effective pectoral exercises. Dips target your pecs while including the muscles in your shoulders at the same time. One of the really cool things about weighted dips is that when performed correctly, they allow you to really stretch out your pecs and deltoids at the bottom of the movement, which can help to increase the range of motion of your shoulder joints.

To perform weighted dips: Hang from the parallel bars with your arms fully extended and you legs curled up behind you. Bend your elbows and lower your body in a controlled manner until your chest is level with the parallel bars, then press down and lift your body back up to the starting position. In order to place more of an emphasis on your pecs and less on your triceps, lean forward through the complete movement.

If I had to narrow my list down to only 3
pectoral exercises to comprise my chest workouts, incline press, bench press (as well as the dumbbell equivalents) and chest dips would be the ones I'd go with. Not only do these basic upper body exercises require little in the way of fancy equipment, but they are the most effective exercises for building a powerful muscular chest.




About the Author

Nick Andrade is a certified personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management consultant who specializes in helping people gain muscle mass quickly and naturally. If you found these exercise tips helpful, check out Nick's pectoral exercises guide for more techniques, exercise demonstrations and free muscle building workouts.

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