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The Importance of Weight Training for Getting a 6 Pack

The Importance of Weight Training for Getting a 6 Pack


Previous Muscle Progiy of the Month Rob Riches walks us through abdominals in the video below and shares us with information about how to get a six pack. Exercises in which your legs come up to your torso usually require a large amount of work from your lower abs, whereas moving your head down to your legs requires a large part of work from your upper abdominal area. A lot of people, mainly women, are afraid of getting too blocky in the midsection and building them up too much, so they avoid ab training altogether. This is a misconception. The abs are not a muscle like the biceps or the chest in which they can develop a lot of mass. The abs are a muscle that can be built up, however, they consist of different muscle bellies and fibers to the point where they have a maximum tolerance of how much muscle will be built in that particular area. You have to train them to get a ripped chiseled musculature. To work the upper abs, Rob Riches uses rope cable crunches with a lot of resistance. However, he doesn't use too much to where he is straining rather than working. There is a mjaor difference here in which one will be optimal for getting a 6 pack, while the other will just lead to poor results at best and injury at worst.





Working out your abs will help you build up the muscular tissue in your abdominals. However, the only way to see ripped abs is if you remove the fatty tissue surrounding it. You need to be under 10% body fat in order to see a six-pack. That means that ab training really is a systemic process in terms of training your entire body, eating a healthy diet conducive to staying lean, and creating the proper anabolic hormonal environment within your body (increasing the production of testosterone and natural growth hormone). MP45 is a program designed exclusively by Muscle Prodigy that details an entire 45 day plan for you to remove that fatty tissue and have your abs looking the best they've ever looked. 


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