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Home Training Beginner's Guide The Importance of Weight Lifting Charts in a Beginner Program

The Importance of Weight Lifting Charts in a Beginner Program

The Importance of Weight Lifting Charts in a Beginner Program


Weightlifting, bodybuilding and fitness programs are all great ways to get into shape. However, each one has its own special techniques, goals and diets which are used to reach full potential. There are also various mistakes which can be made and bad habits which can be formed by the rookie when starting out in a strength training program. Such mistakes can cause injury and bad habits can be difficult to break, so it’s much better to organize your exercise program correctly from the beginning.

In order to keep track of the specifics of your weight training program and to tailor it to your unique needs, weight lifting charts can be used to help you get started on the right path of obtaining your fitness goals. Through these exercise charts, you design your own personalized workout program and schedule. Then, by keeping track of your progress and body’s reaction to various exercises, you can adjust your fitness plan to continually meet your needs and give you the best results.





Specific Reasons for Using Weight Lifting Charts

Included in weight training charts are areas to record information on exercises, body measurements and diet and nutrition. Keeping such progression logs not only allows you to keep track of your progress, but also provides these additional advantages:

– By keeping a record of both the specifics of your program and the results you are achieving in front of your eyes, you are better motivated to continue with your weight training program. It can be discouraging, especially for the rookie weight trainer, to struggle and strain through those first couple of weeks without seeing much in the way of physical results. However, watching your weight amounts and body measurements grow on your chart will help get you through the tough beginning stages of your fitness program.

Workouts That Are More Efficient
– It can be very easy to waist a lot of time by milling around the gym trying to figure out which exercise you want to do next. Keeping track of your exercises on a chart will help you to be more organized so that you can move from one exercise station to the next which makes your workouts more efficient and lessens the time you have to spend at the gym.

More Rapid Muscle Gain
– Recording how much you lifted last weight training session will help you to push harder and achieve more in the present session. This consistent increase in resistance will result in faster muscle mass gains.





Types of Weight Lifting Charts

Beginner – It is advisable for beginners to utilize exercise charts because they help to keep track of exercises, schedules and diets. Weightlifting and bodybuilding is about doing various exercises which target different aspects of the upper and lower body so that your strength and physique are balanced. A weight lifting chart helps you to maintain this balance efficiently and effectively so that all target areas receive proper workout time. Charts are also a big help in logging the numbers of sets and repetitions for each exercise.

– Exercise charts aren’t just for beginners. As you progress in your strength training program, more components are often required. Charts are an excellent way to keep record of all that you have done and need to do in order to achieve maximum results. Added fitness and weight training techniques which might be included on an advanced chart are supersets, circuit training, drop sets, isolation work and the varied number of repetitions and sets required for multiple exercises.





Where to Locate Weight Training Charts

You can first check with your local gym. Not only may they be able to supply you with charts, but they have trainers who can help you properly design and adjust your first chart based on your individual needs and any special conditions.

Weight loss and fitness magazines often provide sample fitness charts in their issues. However, they will be based on a certain pattern and may need to be altered to fit your specific needs.

Probably the best place to obtain fitness charts is on the internet. You can find a variety of charts so it’s easier to locate one that fits more precisely to your workout plan. Plus, you can then take that chart and modify it in your computer to exactly fit your workout program before printing it. You can then go back and alter the saved copy as needed in order to keep your weight lifting chart updated.

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