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Home Training Living in Fitness The Importance and Benefits of Yoga

The Importance and Benefits of Yoga

The Importance and Benefits of Yoga


I am not saying that this should be the only form of exercise you perform, but this is a great supplement to any cardio or weight training regimen.  There are many benefits that yoga can bring to your body, as well as your mind.

I have taken a couple of yoga classes and it has really enhanced my other workouts.  First of all, yoga gives you must more flexibility and decreases tension in your joints.  After only one class, you will be able to stretch all body parts more.  Gains in flexibility are extremely important while lifting weights.  For example, many exercises are stopped because a person does not have a big enough range of motion.  By becoming more flexible throughout your entire body, you will be able to increase your range of motion and have better workouts.  Also, your joints will be looser which will also grant you a longer range of motion.  Think about working out your chest.  If you are using dumbbells and can drop your elbows so you can feel your scapula, you will be able to hit parts of the muscle that you have never been able to hit before.  The longer the range of motion, the longer amount of time your muscle is under tension. This will allow you to increase in size and strength.

Most yoga classes are taught in extraordinarily hot rooms where you begin sweating before the class even starts. This allows your muscles to warm and your body to get looser. Yoga works all of your muscles and massages all of your inner organs.  Along with the large dosage of sweating, the massaging of organs also enhances your bodies’ detoxification process.  This ensures optimum blood flow throughout your entire body.  By releasing all of the toxins in your body, you have increased energy and can work out longer and harder. 

Lastly, what most people go into the gym for is toning their body.  It is important for people to switch up their workout routine so that their muscles do not get used to the same exercises.  Yoga not only changes up this routine, but it also hits muscles that have never been used before.  It can also work to strengthen weaker muscles and can shed off extra pounds in unwanted areas.

Like I said earlier, yoga should be done on top of your daily cardio and weight-training program.  There are many benefits and you will begin to notice them right from the beginning.

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