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Home Health & Lifestyle Health & Fitness News The Grand Canyon Bans Bottled Water Sales

The Grand Canyon Bans Bottled Water Sales

The Grand Canyon Bans Bottled Water Sales



Within a month's time, the National Park Service will ban the sale of plastic water bottles in Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Canyon officials are responding to concerns that empty plastic bottles scattered around the park were hurting the park's natural beauty. Disposable water bottles make up 20% of garbage in the park.

Last November, The New York Times reported that the Coca-Cola company had a major issue with this, especially since they had donated $13 million to the parks and serve as the park's major water vendor. Ever hear of Dasani? Yes, that's them. 

A month later in December, there were bans in place, but under a restrictive set of conditions. This week, the Park Service banned the sale of bottled water in the parks. However, tourists can bring in water bottles, where there’ll be free water refilling stations. 

If disposable water bottles make up 20% of the garbage in the park, what about the other 80%? What does everyone do with all that food waste? You know, those chocolate wrappers. What about the plastic napkins and banana peels? Don't you think the Park Service is missing the major issue? 





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